Infinite Friendship (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I stopped writing this story... Sorry. But I rewrited it on , they're alot of difference, but check it out. My name is WeGoInStyles and it calls Love Story (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Thanks for reading xx


5. A/N

Hey guys x


I just wanna ask you guys something =)


Everytime I wanna change the picture of this Movella, it just won't change... =S


I know, I know... Maybe I do something wrong.. I just wanna ask you guys that..

What do I do wrong?


I choose a picture out of my files and upload that one. I click on edit and save and make some changes to the picture. I click save again and then close..

But it's not saved or anything, I keep this stupid, little book look thinghy =S


Can you guys help me because I didn't had a problem with my other Movella.

I'm desperate guys =S




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