Infinite Friendship (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I stopped writing this story... Sorry. But I rewrited it on , they're alot of difference, but check it out. My name is WeGoInStyles and it calls Love Story (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

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6. 5.

Song of the chapter: Best friend by Jason Chen

I seriously love this song and I think it really fit this chapter, it's worth a listen :) .

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Harry's P.O.V


After I had lunch with Megan, I got home and went staight up to my room without greeting my mom. I had no desire for talking lately, I wanted to be alone all the time.

I threw myself on my bed and let out a deep breath. What was wrong with me? I keep asking me that the last weeks, I know Megan knew something was up, she kept asking questioning me. But that's it! If I talk to her, I got all nerves and I will mess up all the words. But I don't understand, I never been like 'this' around a girl, if I thought about Megan more than a sister a year ago, it just was... Gross. And now I don't want anything more than kiss Megan whenever I want, cuddle with her at night and watch soppy movies, take her on dates than she will never ever forget and love her like no-one has ever loved her. Man, I sound like a bad love movie, I groaned

And right then my mom walked in without knocking. "Are you okay darling?" Ofcourse she was going to ask that, always when I come home I greet her and give her a hug and I'm pretty sure to that she heard me groan. But what do I have to say? 'No mom, I'm not okay, I'm in love with my best friend and I'm scared to ruin our friendship with being honest to her.' I deciced I stayed quiet so there was a akward silence around us. She walked to me and sat on the egde of my bed. She put a hand on my knee, giving me a worried look. "Look Harry.... Lately you been a little.... Off. I don't know what it is, but you have to know that you can talk to me whenever you want." Silence. She let out a big sigh before looking right in my eyes. "Is this about Megan?" Wait... Did she... No, she can't know!

"Umm, Mrs. Styles, I don't know it's a good thing that your burgers are black. But I can say it didn't smell good." I heard Louis voice say out of nowhere, since when did he get here? I hear cursing and saw my mom walk really fast out of my room, it looked pretty weird. I looked at Louis and gave him a confused look. "Since when are you here." I asked Louis, I never been in the livingroom so think I just didn't saw him, so he had to be the whole time with my mom.

Wait.. Did he told my mom about Megan, because it seriously look like she knew and Louis was the only one who knew, besides me ofcourse. Louis smiled mischivous, he told.

"I heard you guys talking, sooo before you ask... Yeah she knows." I gave him a stern look, what a friend, I thought. "She was worried about you Haz and she askes what was wrong...... Sorry..." He added serious.

I gave in, first of all; I never can be mad at Louis for long. And second; I know my mom was worried and she deserved to know. She wouldn't tell Megan, would she?

Sudden I heard a very high and loud beep.


Beeeeep. Beeeeep. Beeeeep.


My eyes widen, I know what that sound belong to, it was the fire alarm. I looked at Louis and he had the same expression on his face as me. I jumped on my feet and rush downstairs.

When I walked in the kitchen the only thing I saw was smoke and only smoke. I heard coughing out of the corner. "Mom?" This was making me nerves. I heard the squeaky sound of the door. (Yeah, a backdoor in the kitchen. LOLZ) The smoke almost disappeared, when I saw my mom with a bright green apron and a pitch black face, I thought that only happen in cartoons... But lucky, there was no fire.

My mom coughs. "Dinner is ready." I looked over at the fornace and saw a pan with black stuff in it. What the heck... I chuckled.

"Mom...?" My mom looked at where I was looking at. "I know." She said.

"Aaaahw Haz, your kitty cat is scared." Louis pouted. "What the heck Lou." I said while taking the cat out of his hand and put her in the livingroom. I walked back in the kitchen and looked around again.

The smoke didn't completely dissapeared yeat and the food was burned, and my mom looked... Well.. Horrified. "Wanna go out for dinner?" I asked, I don't really feel like eating burned food. "Okay." My mom said. "I'm gonna get changed, be right back."

I watched my mom walk out of the kitchen and to the stairs. My gaze turned back to Louis who had a questioning look on his face, he just stared at me like he was trying to find something out.

"When are you gonna ask her?" Where did that come from? "What-...What do you mean?" I asked dumb. "Don't be stupid Haz, when are you gonna ask Megan out?" I seriously don't wanna talk about this and is he really that stupid, for her it's like her annoying brother asking her on a date. Thats just weird. "I'm not gonna ask her out Louis." I said and started to clean the kitchen a bit. "Why not?" He really is that stupid. I sighed "I don't wanna ruin our frie-" I was cut of by a groan "No Haz, you're just scared for her anwser, you're a pussy."

"Why are you asking me this by the way, it's not that it's like on of your bussines."

"I just wanna help you, and y-""

"I don't need your help, I can do this by myself. So don't bother!" Yeah, I'm getting annoyed fast, just so you know.

"That was best friends do Harry! I wanna help you, but the only thing you say is 'I don't wanna ruin our friendship' . That's bullshit Harry, you never been like this! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

"AND WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SCREAMING?!" I tried to calm myself, where did this come from. "There's no need for screaming." I said again.

"You've been off lately Harry" Louis said, ignoring my last question. "If you keep acting this way you're gonna lose your friends, even Megan" He really started to piss me off.

"Don't bring Megan in this!! And I'm just being myself, like always!!"

"It started with Megan, Harry, and I can say what I want!" Louis hissed.

"i still don't know why you asked me that, I ask her when time is ready."

"That's the most stupid thing I ever heard. And I don't know why you picked Megan this time." Louis said with the empase on 'this'.

"And what the hell has that supossed to mean?!?!"

"You just gonna break her heart, just like you did with all those other girls. It's hump and dump with you Harry, you don't deserve her." Louis says really calm like it was the most normal thing to say, there was no emotions in his face. Why is he mad at me, he know I won't hurt Megan.

"You know that's not true..... I-...I love her."

Louis looks relieved and breathed out like it was the last time he could actually breath.

"It's about damn time you finally said that." Louis grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into a bear hug.





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