Infinite Friendship (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I stopped writing this story... Sorry. But I rewrited it on , they're alot of difference, but check it out. My name is WeGoInStyles and it calls Love Story (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

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4. 4.

Megan's P.O.V.


I was at detention and I was ignoring Harry all day, it was hard if I may say,  he tried to talk to me a couple of time though but gave up at the end of the day. Maybe this was good, just for a couple of days. I know it sound odd but I want to get rid of the feeling I have towards Harry, there getting worse every day and I don't want that. I don't know how long I could keep doing this, just to look in his eyes and he's hurt and knowing I'm the blame of it, it hurts me inside to see him likes this. I know he don't deserve this kind of treatment, but I don't want to lose this friendship, at least whats left of it.

Harry walked in the class, eyes blood red, it look like he was crying? He look at me and met my eyes, we were staring at eachother for a couple seconds, but he just shook his head and sat as far away from me. He played with his fingers and looks down at his table, he turned around and looked at me but I quickly looked away , he sniff his nose and the teacher walked inside. "Hello, little criminals" She smiled before sitting down.

"I don't know what you little kids did, not that I care, but I'm sure you deserve this little punishment." She smiled and opened drawer just to show one of the thickest book I ever saw.

A girl, that was obviously late, walked in and she was awful familiar but I can't get my finger on it. She looked around the classroom and decided to sit next to Harry, she gave him a cheeky smile but Harry looked rather uncomfortable. He gave me a quick glance before sitting up straight and sit closer to 'the girl'. Was he trying to make me jealous, because if he did, it is working!

"You're late Miss johnson... again" The creepy teacher said to the girl. "I know, I know. I'm sorry... Again" The girl says copying the creepy woman. 'The creepy woman' looks like a like smigel, just look it up and you know what I mean with 'creepy'. Smigel looked at the girl before sighing and continued with whatever she did. I swear I heard the voice of the girl before.

But than it snapped me.

She was one of my best friend when I went on on vacation to america, I didn't knew she went to school here!

"Oh my god" I said a little to loud. The girl turned around and her eyes become big and her mouth is standing wide open. I saw Harry looking but I didn't payed attention to it. "Summer?" I asked a little to exited. She nodded her head really fast, Harry just looked confused as hell.

"Can you guys be quiet or you can be in detention for the rest 2 weeks." I just nodded but Summer had other thoughts. "Ow, sorry miss Smigel, thought you didn't heared our conversation." She said sarcastic, I laughed a little to loud for my matters. I quickly coverer my mouth with my hands. Harry stood with his mouth wide open, just like Summer did when she saw me."You really have to come with another nickname, miss Johnsen." "And you sure you want that, miss Oger?" "I don't like the way you talk to me miss." The head of smigel looked like it could explode any moment, it looks hilarious. "You asked for it." Smigels mouth stood wide open and Summer just shrugged her shoulder.

Summer stood up and came sit next to me, we looked at each other for about 5 second before bursting in a sort of laughter, we tried to keep it still and it just sound really weird.

We were whispering for the next hour just catching things up what happened for the last year and a half. "Who's the cutie?" Summer asked out of sudden, she pointed to Harry in the corner and I got jealous again, damn it! "That's Harry." I think Harry heard his name because he looked our way, Summer dropped her finger quick and turned to me, her cheeks a light tint of pink.

Harry chuckled and began drawing again. There were six people in detention; three 9 grade guys, Summer, Harry and me, 12th grade. So Harry was particularly sitting alone, I feel bad for him though. I looked at Harry quickly and saw that he already was staring at me.

He gave me a small smile again, nervous for what my reavtion would be, I really regret what I did but I can't turn it back now...

Summer waved her hand for my face and I looked at her, Harry's head fell down and his both hand run to his perfect curly hair. "Hey, what's wrong? You look sad.'' I shook my head. I told her the whole story between me and Harry, even the feelings towards him. I whispered the whole time so I doubt that he heard anything, we we're really upset when we had to go our own country after the vacation was over but we always kept in touch, so I knew I could trust her, she's a real friend. "It will al fit together some time. Oh, and by the way.... I won't tell hime you looooove him" She giggled and did a little wiggle dance with her eyebrows, but I was deep in my thought; 'Why did she said I was in love with him?' 'Do I love him?'

Smigel finally gave us permission to go home. I said bye to Summer and we went the seperate ways.

I opened my closet and grabbed my purse and put the book in my locker I gasped when someone grabbed me by my waist and my wrist, I turned around and saw Harry, ofcourse. He pulled me toward him and my hand were on his chest, the places he touch burn unther his touch, in a nice and lovable way. He closed my locker, I tried to push him away but he grabbed me by my waist again and threw me over his shoulder. "Harry, put me down NOW!" He didn't said anything to me, he just kept on walking, I started punching against his back. "Jezus Megan, what's wrong with you?" He asked like nothing is wrong, but I could hear the anger in his voice. "PUT ME DOWN!" No reaction,I kept on bouncing on  his back but he just kept on walking. When we finally came to a stop, he held me with one arm and opened the classroom, not without me trying to struggle out of his grip.. Yeah, didn't work.


He put me in de middle of a classroom and locked the door, what the heck. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WIITH YOUR HEAD, YOU JUST CAN'T TAKE ME EVERYWHERE YOU WANT AGAINST MY WILL!!'' Yeah, I kinda lost my control. "You're done now?" "Ow, I have alot more to say to you Harry" You can hear the anger in my voice, I was pissed of, why the hell did he do that?! Harry walked away from me and sat on one of the front tables, his gaze down to the floor. 

I just stood there thinking about what I should do, I could just walk away or I try to be friends with Harry again. I sighed and walked toward Harry, I stood infront of him. "Harr-" He stood up and hugged me. "I'm so, so sorry Megan, I just.. I-" We pulled away from our hug and looked at eachother, he looked down at his feet. "I just don't know why it was so bad what I said." "Harry.. it's just that.. that what you said to me in the cantine... You used me for a stupid bet, you should think before you say something. What if I had feeling for you Harry? You could've really hurt me." Shit! No! What did I just say?!

Harry's eyes widened at my words. "You- You have feeling for me?" He asked in disbelieve. Do anything Megan! "I said 'what if' Harry." Wow, that sounds convincing. He nodded and looked at his feets again. "I knew I shouldn't have done something like that, I'm truly sorry Megan. Please, forgive me." He took my hand while talking and he looked me in the eye. I thought my knees would gave up any second. I gave him a small nod and he gave me one of his biggest smile I ever saw. he grabbed my shoulder with his hand and pulled me towards him, I threw my arms around his waist and his are around my shoulders. We stood there for what feel likes forever but it was only 2 minutes, I think. I felt save in his arms. It feels like I belong there, in his arms, we perfectilly fit together like we belong to eachother. Does that even make sense?

"Wanna get some dinner?" I nodded and we pulled away, I felt a little cold so I rubbed my arms thinking it would work to warm myself up. Harry put his arm around my shoulder so I was a little warmer, it worked though. I gave him a small smile and we walked out of this nasty classroom.

"Who was that girl you talked to?" I looked up to him, wondering why he wanted to know that "Summer." I finally said.

"Why did she pointed at me?" "You don't wanna know." I giggled.

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