Infinite Friendship (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I stopped writing this story... Sorry. But I rewrited it on , they're alot of difference, but check it out. My name is WeGoInStyles and it calls Love Story (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

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3. 3.

Megan's P.O.V.


The rest of the week was pretty akward between us, we most of the time ignored eachtother and didn't hang out. I was just wondering, how would our relationship have been right now if the pizza man came later. I was kind of disapointed that we didn't kiss, is that wrong? Maybe it was a bet or something, that Harry had to kiss me? There is no way he liked me in that kind of way. I eat like a pig in front of him, burp and walk look like a hobo when he's around. He doesn't like me and I don't like him!

"Megan?" I turned around and saw Harry looking kind of nervous. "Can I talk to you?" I nodded, we walked to the cafeteria of the school and sit down on one of the empty tables.


Harry's P.O.V.


How should I say this? 'Hey, sorry for trying to kiss you but I like you for an half year now' That will sound so stupid. I sighed. Why did I even tried to kiss her, a year ago we laughed at the thought of a couple. But now if we do that, it hurts me inside to know that she thinks thats funny. But she didn't pulled away when I tried to kissher, maybe she likes me to? Ofcourse not Harry, she was just in shock. I know I would be if my sister tried that one me, because I know Megan sees me only like a brother and that hurts like hell. I have to make up a lie to make this all good between us, just so she thinks that I don't like her. I tried to say something to her but now words came out of my mouth, how can I fix this friendship. I felt a warm hand on mine and I looked up to see a pair of worried sea blue eyes."You're okay Harry?" Ofcourse I'm not okay, hoe could you think something like that, the girl I love doesn't love me back... Wait, did I just say love? "Yeah" That was the first thing I said to her in a whole week, besides 'Hi' ofcourse.Ugh, just lie Harry, just lie. "Megan..... What I did a week ago, it meant nothing. It was just a stupid bet and I really don't know why I accepted that, I-... I'm sorry." WOW, that sounded less mean in my head.

Her face looked emotionless, did I hurt her? "You're mad at me?" She shook her head, she grabbed my hand again. "I'm just glad, that's all." Auch, that one hurts. "So no more akward moments between us anymore?" She giggled, man I love that giggle. "No, we're okay" She stood up, gave me a hug and sit next to me. "You barely gave me a heart attack when you did that, you know." She said. Now I knew for sure that she doesnt like me. I scratched the back of my neck, why is she doing this to me? "Yeah... Sorry." "It's okay Hazza." I missed that,  how she called me like that, it was her own little nickname for me. "Great, because I couldn't bare another day without you." Wait! Did I just really said that. "Okaaaay... You're paying my lunch curly!" She took the my beanie and put in on her own head. It looks damn good on her. "Fine" I stand up. "What do you want?" I asked. "The usual curly, you haven't been away that long" I laughed before walking to the kantinefood.


You know, for schoolfood, it's pretty good food. I finally got to the front of the queue and the hairy lady asked what I wanted. "Can I have one fruit salade and a bottle water" For Megan. "and one croissant and a mochachinno" She gave me a plate and put everything on it that I ordered."That's 12,30 please" I gave her the money and walked back to the tafel. I noticed that Megan's friend joined Megan. I sat on the opposite side of them and gave Megan the food. "Thanks" I gave her a smile and look at Pamela, Megan's friend. She's one of the most beautiful person I ever saw, besides Megan ofcourse. She had blond, almost white hair and her hair is dipdyed pink. She had green eyes and the most flawless skin ever but talks not-stop. When she talks there is no way you can stop here.

Out of the corner out of my eyes I saw the barbz walking towards our tafel. The barbz are just a group of girls who think they are the queens of the school with to much make-up on there face, they called there self 'The Barbz' , I don't know why, maybe they think they're perfect or something. But they are hot, not beautiful, jus hot.

"Hey Harry" The 'leader' of the group said. "Hey tiffany" She smiled at me and sat next to me, Megan just gave her a dirty look  and then looked at me. She continued talking to Pamela. What was that about? I knew they don't like eachother because of what happened on camp in grade 8.

At camp

Tifanny decided it was funny to remove Megan's bikinitop, and run away with her clothes. Megan lost her top in the water and had to walk half naked to the campsite. And it was not close to the beach, so... yeaah..

It was walking to the campsite with Louis and saw Tifanny walking with her clothes, I looked towards the water and saw Megan there covering her body under the water, she gave me the 'help' look, I took off my T-Shirt and walked in to the water, I didn't care my pants were getting wet. She put on my shirt, luckily it was my black one or it was see through. Megan and I walked back to the campsite. Tiffany and her clones were laughing at here but stopped when they saw me, I think?

Later that night Megan got her revenge, I was on my phone when she throw a bunch of blond hair on the table in front of me. I looked at her with big and shocked eyes. No she didn't! Tifanny was taking her 'beauty sleep' and she wanted to be alone, so it was possible. Suddenly I heard pitched scream and later then laughing. "Run" Megan said grabbing my hand, I knew she meant that because the hair was still lying on the table and Tifanny would figure out that Megan this this, whatever she did. We run outside and we took a turnover so Tifanny didn't knew we were just inside where the hair lay.

We finally came to the spot where all the laughing came from. I saw tifanny with her the half of her hair shaved and the rest had just an ugly haircut. I never laughed so hard in my entire life, it was really funny.

Back in time

"Hello!! Harrryy, babe!"

I came back to reality, I saw Megan looking at me. "What were you thing about?" I didn't respond and turned to Tifanny and saw the dissapointed look on Megan's face out of the corner of my eye. I began to play with the hair of Tifanny's hair. "What were you thinking about babe?" She asked. Without thinking I said something I shouldn't have said. "Your pretty haircut in grade 8" Tifanny gasped and her whole face became blood red. Megan was laughing like crazy and Pamela tried to stop her own laughing but that didn't worked though. "How dare you Harry Styles, you're gonna pay for that!" She stand up and run to her clones. She walked to the hallway but not before she gave me a death glare ofcourse.

"Oh. My. God. Harry that was genius, I really love you now." Pamela said. I saw Megan wipe away a couple of tears from the laughing. "Okay, now that's done, eat. The break ends in 5 minutes." And we started eating again. Megan chuckled a couple of time, thinking back at camp,  but that was actually it. We didn't talk really much, to busy with our food.


Megan's P.O.V.


We were in class now and Harry was sitting in front of us because of the fixed seats. Pamela grabbed her phone, she typed something and a smile creeped on her face. "Whats up?" I asked. "Check your phone." I shrug my shoulders and grabbed my phone out of my purse. New textmessage. I gave Pamela a glare, this was not going to be a fun conversation. Always when we had a 'text conversation'. We always talked about the person who sits near us, the only one really close was Harry, the rest  was out of the 'I can hear you whisper about me, you know' location.I sighed. I really didn't want to talk about the person who hurted my feeling who used me for a bet to win money or whatever. Yeah, I was mad, but I'm not saying that to Harry.

To Megan: 'You like Harry don't ya?'  I could feel my face heat up, how could she know? "I knew it, I just knew it" Pamela screamed outloud."Miss Parks, be quiet and work." Our stupid history teacher said. I saw Harry turn around and look at us, smirking. "What?" He asked. "Nothing" We both said at the same time. "I get it... Girls stuff." He chuckled, he leaned his back to the wall en threw his feet on the empty seat next to him where Louis supposed to sit, but he was sick, so it was afwul quiet today.

 I texted back. 

From Megan: 'Okay, maybe just a little.. sssh but if you tell x_x !!! x"

To Megan: 'A LITTLE????!! You were redder than a tomato when I asked..'

"I wasn't that red" I said to Pamela. "Oh, believe you we're" "Miss Parks and Miss Ryan, this is the last warning for both of you or you can join us in detention." Harry looked at us, pretty amused because of the warning. Jerk.

From Megan: 'Ok, ok. I like him, but dont you dare telling him!'

Before I could do anything, Harry snatched my phone out of my hands. "NO! Harry give me my phone!" We heard a loud bang in the front of the class, I saw a really mad man infront of Harry's table looking at both of us, he slammed his book on HArry's table. My heart never beated this fast! "Both of you, Principal. Now!" He pointed to the door and Harry and I both stood up and walked out of the classroom. Shit, he still has my phone. I grabbed Harry's wrist and he just looked at me like 'what the fuck are you doing'. And he looked nervous at the same time... Okay?

I snatch my phone out of his hand and let go of his wrist. "Ever heard about privacy?" Sounding a little to harsh. He put his hand up in defence. "Someone's in there period today." What the heck!  "You're a jerk Edward!" I walked to the principal office hoping that Harry would run after me and apologize, but he didn't. He just stood there, staring like an idiot.

I came to the principal office and sat down on one of the chaires. "Megan?" Miss Evans asked pretty confused, she's really sweet, also one of my favourite persons that works here. "Yup" I said popping the 'p' . Miss Evans still looked confused, I never had detention or had to go to her office. Yes you could call me a goody-goody but I was tottaly not, I just never got caught. 

Seconds later Harry came inside, he looked me in the eyes and gave me a small smile, but I looked away. He sighed, I'm not giving in this easy, first the stupid bet and now he says I'm moody. What's wrong with him lately?

"So, why are you guys here?" Harry tried to say something but I was faster. "Well, I was on my phone and Harry thought it was funny to snatch it out of my hands and tried to read my texts.'' I looked at Harry fast and he just looked shocked. I looked back at the woman who sits in front of us. "Oh, and apperantly I'm moody." "I didn't said you were m-" "Just shut up Harry, I really don't wanna talk to you!" Harry looked hurt, really hurt. But I didn't give a fuck right now! Miss evans couched to get our attention back to her. "Harry?" Harry was still looking at me but I refused to meet his gaze. "I-..I-"  I looked at the window one the other side of the little room, I know I would gave in if I saw his eyes, my weakness were his green eyes, those beautiful eyes. I looked back at miss Evans and she sighed. "I think this is going to be detention, for both of you. And I would really like you guys to settle this down, I thought you were a cute couple." I laughed, but not in the way like it was funny, more sarcasm. "We're not a couple" I said while pointing to Harry and me. "Oh" Is all she said, Harry just look down and mumbled something that I didn't hear.

She gave us a pink paper thingy with huge word detention on it.


Great. Just great.



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