Infinite Friendship (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I stopped writing this story... Sorry. But I rewrited it on , they're alot of difference, but check it out. My name is WeGoInStyles and it calls Love Story (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Thanks for reading xx


2. 2.

Megan's P.O.V.


After we cleaned up, Harry decided he should go home so he could change and shower. My mom is visiting a friend that lives an hour away from here, she asked if I wanted to come but I refused to. I still had to shower and I didn't wanted to rush. Now I'm walking in my pyjama at 3 PM and home alone, bored. I still hadn't had breakfast this morning because all of it ended on the floor and the walls. "Pizza" I thought out loud, before I could even type in the number of the pizzahut there was an incoming call. Harry Styles calling. I pressed the green button and the first I heared was Harry laughing. When he finally stopped he said. "Hey Meg." "What do you want Edward?" Harry was silence for a moment. "Something wrong megan?" He asked serieusly. "Well, I'm hungry because I didn't eat breakfast this morning and thanks to you I'm grounden, thanks alot Edward" "Hey, why is it my fault? And stop calling me Edward" He chuckled. "You throw first, that's why Styles." I try to stay as serieus as possible. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry then" He laughed. "Wanna come over? Louis is here to." "I can't, I told you I was grounden remember. I'm only allowed to go out with my mom... Oh and for school and work, but you can come here with Louis" He was silence for a moment again. "-go to megan... Yes now..  Okay" I heard him say, he was talking to Louis for sure. Louis is a fun dude but can be hyper at the time... "We will be there in 20" "Okay, but be quick, I'm ordering pizza" Silence. "We will be there in 15" he said in a rush and hang up before I could anwser. I ordened my pizza and waited for Louis and Harry. I can't wait to see him, hear him laugh and see his addicting eyes. What's wrong with me, I never been this exiting to see Harry. 'I  don't  like Harry' 'I don't like Harry' I keep repeating to myself. 'I  don't like Harry!'




Ding Dong, Ding Dong. Finally I couldn't held 10 more second watching Spongebob, ugghh! I stand up and walked to the door.


Harry's P.O.V.


Yes I was nervous to see her, what if she knew I was trying to kiss her? What if it's all akward between us now. No! No! No! Don't think about that Harry!

Before I could think any further the front door opened and there she was, Megan, the girl I like for an half year now. The feeling getting worse everyday, everyday if I see her I get happy but sad at the same time. Just knowing that she isn't mine, and knowing that if I leave and I will come back the day after, she still isn't. She's wearing a grey sweatpants and a pink tanktop with knitted socks. She wasn't wearing any make-up, she was even more prettier than when I saw her 4 hours ago, if that's even possible. "MEGAAAN" Louis screamed before attacking her with a hug, she laughed and hugged him back. "LOUUUIS" she screamed in his ear, there was no reason to be jealous, Louis knew I liked her so he backed of a little. "Jezus Megan" Louis said, he rubbed his ear and walked past Megan into her house, she just laughed. "Hey Harry" "Hey Meg" I wrapped my arms around her waist while she put her arms around my neck. We hold each other a little longer than we normally do, but I didn't mind, I like being in her arms. I like being close to her, even if she's not mine. We pulled away but my arms stayed around her waist, but she pulled her arms off my neck and dangled them down her body. She turned around and tryed to walk back. "Wait!" I said before pulling her back by her waist and turning her back so she could look in my eyes. Shit! No! What am I doing?!?! Without thinking again I pulled her towards me and leaned closer. I stopped because I heard a couch behind me. "Pizza.'' I let go of her waist and stepped back before turning around. Chance 2, gone! Dang.. I saw a guy standing with a pizza in his hand, and with the other hand he scratch his neck, knowing he kinda ruined the moment. 

I take the pizza out of his hand and grabbed 10 dollars out of my pocket and gave it to him. He grabbed his wallet to give me the change. "No... Keep the change." He thanked me before turning on his heels, step on his motor and drived away.

I took a deep breath before turning around, ready to face Megan. But she wasn't there, I went inside and saw Megan sitting on the couch talking to Louis. I put the pizza on the table and I felt Megan's gaze burning in my back but I refused to make eye contact, I felt so emberassed. "Be right back" I walked to the hallway, I put leaned my hand against the wall. I turned around and bounced my back against the wall, I slid and I sat on the floor with my knees against my chest, leaning my head against the wall. My hand on my face.


"What's got to me?" I whispered to myself.

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