Do it now, Remember it later.

Maddie is just your regular 23 year old girl who's just got a new job as a singer. She's not a big deal but she is really good. Then one day at a sound wave in Florida she has her first gig and kellin Quinn finds her voice amazing and wants to find out more to her.READ ON TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THE STORY!!


1. Sound Wave...

It's very quiet today in this city. It's because everyone isn't here yet. I'm singing today at my first gig and other BIG FAMOUS bands are playing too! I'm the only solo artist here. Plus I'm only here because I'm only the opening and closing performance. I sing rock and pop songs! I've been singing my whole life ever since I was 3 my mom and dad found out I had a special talent with my voice so they put me into singing lessons at an appropriate age. I think I was 6 when I started singing lessons. My family isn't very wealthy. My dad is hanging on a thin line with his job as a bank accountant. My mom's been really sick for the past 2 years so she couldn't work. She's in the hospital at the moment, with breast cancer and she's a strong survivor, I'm really worried for her. Each day goes by with me thinking if she's alright. Luckily she's not on any kind of life support at the moment but the doctors said "If she isn't any better in the next 6 months, there is a very possible chance she will need to be put on life support." I got so depressed after I heard him say that which was about 2 months ago he said that I started cutting. I still have the scars. I don't do it anymore after my friend Olivia found out then she helped me get better and stop. But I still feel like cutting everyday. My dad acts like nothing's wrong with her but I can tell he's heart broken because at night when he sits on the outside porch his face tells he's upset. My little brother Alex doesn't really know what's going on because he's only 6 years old and doesn't understand the concept, I don't really want him to know either because he's only young and I don't want him to be upset so quickly.

Anyway in two hours the sound wave starts and I'm sooooo nervous! For the opening song I'm doing "Put your hearts up." A song I wrote myself, and I haven't shown ANYONE EVER BEFORE! So it makes things more nerve wrecking!! And then for my ending song I'm doing a cover of Demi lovato's "Here We Go Again" I'm exited to do that one because I've known that song forever and it's one of my favourite songs being sung by a girl artist! Olivia and Alex came to support me. My dad had to stay at work and my mom is at the hospital.




"Maddie your on in three." One of the tech guys said to me. "Oh god.. Liv! What the hell!! I'm actually doing this? I'm so nervous!!" I had a melt down in front of all of the bands! Yes, yes it was extremely embarrassing! So I kind of just stood there in silence hoping no one was looking. "Hahaha!! Don't worry Maddie! Your great. Your gonna do so well:)" "I hope I do okay!" Me and Maddie slowly agreed. "Maddie your on in three.. Two".. I stood there on the lift up platform with the mic in one hand and bent down. "One!!" Then the music started playing and the floor started moving up and there was screaming people in the crowd everywhere!!


"Let me see you put your hearts up yeah.. Let me see you put your hearts up yeah! If we give a little love maybe we can change the world.

Ya..ya..ya..yaya think your so small like your itiy bitty just one look and life's all the say-ee-ame, walking by strangers on the side of the street like a quarter and a cup'll get em up on their feet like, you think your never gonna make your mind, sit back and watch the world while it falls apart like, out of sight out of mi-mi-mi-mind like, like its just a waste of time like, like, like..

Hey yeah yeah yeah yeah, hey yeah yeah, if we give a little love maybe we can change the world, hey yeah yeah yeah yeah, hey yeah yeah sing it if your with me all you boys and all you girls.

Wi-wi-wi-w-w- wishing'a well, shooting star in the sky, we can do anything if we try. Can't res erect ghande, res erect king but if we put our hearts together we can do anything like, you don't have to be a billionaire, you don't have to 'how much?' to show how much you care like. Give a wink give a kiss like. Give a little happiness like, like, like.


Don't let em bring you down now down now. dont let em bring you down now down now, stand up in the love now love now just stand up in the love now love noww X2.


Heyy yeah yeah yer yeah.. "

Then the crowd went wild. I guess I did a pretty good jod! I don't remember stuffing up once!



I was at the Sound wave concert where a bunch of bands come together and sing a couple of songs, boring hey? I'm only really here because of the fans, otherwise i would of said NO straight away.The begining performance was by this solo artist who is a girl ive never heard of before in my life, and no one here has heard her so this might just be a whole big joke and she actually might just suck.

I was wrong.

I heard her voice start singing from the dressing room back stage, and ohh boy she sounded like an angel! I had never heard a voice so beautiful and string as hers. I think a may have fallen in love with her voice. I wanted to go see her so without anyone seeing me a sneeked at side stage so i could watch her sing just to make it certain that there could be a voice so perfect in this world. And there was, it was her's. I saw her smiling whilst she was singing. She had the most adorable dimples and gourgeous redish/purplish soft hair. She was the most beautiful girl id ever seen before aswell! Could she be anymore perfect? Well she could because i dont even know her personalitiy! She might look and sound good on the outside but is she a bitch? A screaming, crazed fan girl? A shy girl who never speaks a word? I don't know but i sure would love to find out becaus e what if i've finally found "The one?" Maybe coming here was a sign to lead me to her? Who knows but I don't want anyone to know that i may have a slight bit of love in my heart for her. But I don't even know her yet.


Once I finished I quickly thanked the amazing crowd and the Sound wave people that let me perform and then quickly ran backstage to get some water from the fridge. As I was walking to the fridge I saw the lead singer from one of the bands, Kellin Quinn. I'm not a huge fan of theirs, I've never really listened to them before. Anyway he was gazing at me. (kind of cute) But i mean come on dude it's impolite to stare at a girl for that long! I think he didn't realize until I said " Um... Hey, why are you staring at me? It's kind of creepy." Then he came back into the real world and i still had his attention. " Oh yeah, umm.. sorry about that i'm a bit tired, i must of started daydreaming sorry!" " It's okay, anyway my name is Maddison but never call me that! It's always Maddi." I said so he could full on understand to NEVER call me Maddison! I hate that name, i don't know why I just do. " Yeah, it's really nice to meet you, you where amazing up there, I mean you where REALLYY good!" "Aha! Thanks! But i'm not that good." "Are you fricking kindding! Your the best i've ever seen!" Wow Kellin Quinn said im the best he's ever seen.. i.. think. im. going. to. faint. Well maybe not but I can't believe he said that! "Wow.. geez thanks!" And then i'm pretty sure i kind of blushed and gave him a cute little smile. Then he looked down at the ground as if he was embarassed, but why would he be embarassed? "Oh, I forgot to tell you, but i'm Kellin!" "Oh yeh i kind of already knew that but nice to meet you Kellin."

"Do you want to hang out with me after the Sound Wave? Like go hang out at the beach or something?" DID KELLIN QUINN JUST ASK ME ON A DATE? I stayed cool and calm. "Kellin Quinn, may i ask. Are you asking me out?" I said with a seductive smirk across my face. "Maybe.. but do you want to then?" "Umm.. ehh.. Yeah I will come. See you after. I have to go get water." I said with a shy tone in my voice.

3 hours later it was already time for my closing performance. Wow! time flies when you're having fun, hey? Anyway Kellin was really good! Sleeping With Sirens sung three of their songs. ' Do it now, remember it later, If you can't hang and Roger Rabbit'.

I got prepared for my last performance! Singing the cover by Demi Lovato Here We Go Again. After i sung that me and Kellin kept on glancing over at each other and smiling for one side of the room to the other while we where getting ready to leave.

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