Do it now, Remember it later.

Maddie is just your regular 23 year old girl who's just got a new job as a singer. She's not a big deal but she is really good. Then one day at a sound wave in Florida she has her first gig and kellin Quinn finds her voice amazing and wants to find out more to her.READ ON TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THE STORY!!


3. Missing Him

So after Kellin left I said good night to my dad and brother then ran up to my room and cried myself to sleep. I didn't get it. I had only known him for less than 24 hours and I'm in love with him already!!! Maybe the saying love at first sight is true. Well Iknow for sure now that I believe it's true. The other thing is I can't actually believe that 'the' Kellin Quinn is my boyfriend!! It's so unreal I'm starting to think it's all a dream, but once he kissed me, i could tell it wasn't. As I was thinking of the thought of when we kissed i layed there in silence and then put my fingers on my lips and thought "Wow.. his lips touched mine, at least i can feel him on my lips.."

"BEEP BEEP BEEP!" "7:30am"

My alarm went off. "Can't I just sleep in for once? URGHH!" I groaned into my pillow. I got up five minutes later and headed down staires to grab some breakfast. " Morning Maddi!" Alex practically shouted at the top of his lungs which scared the living day lights out of me. To tell the truth I didn't see him because he's that small! " Oh, Alex you scared me. Don't do that again." I said Kind of annoyed. I still wasn't over the fact that Kellin wasn't going to be here for three friggen weeks, which seems like forever!

"Sorry grump pants!" Then he ran away to his room and stuck his toungue out at me. I poured out some cereal and the my phone vibrated with a text from someone.

Kellin<3: Hey babe <3 Hope you're okay? I'll ring you up this afternoon around 1ish. Love you xx.

Me: Yeah, I'm okay i guess.. i just wish you were here! :( And okay can't wait to hear your voice<3 love you too!

Kellin<3: Aww :( x And if you want to hear my voice just listen to my songs or search up some interviews on youtube ;) that should keep you busy! x

Me: Ohh yeah.. and just looking at the sight of you will make me cry! And yeah I fell asleep with my earphones in last night with your music on full blast! I didn't realise till i woke up this morning ;) x

Kellin<3: HAHA! With all of that screaming how did you even fall asleep?? x

Me: I guess it's just in my nature to fall asleep so easily;) x

Kellin: Lmao! <3 I have to go xox got warm ups then got to get ready for the next gig! xox Miss you soo much Maddi<3 love you!

Me: Aw :'( okay talk later then! Love you and good luck<3 x


I really wanted to cry there and then once he had to go. I had a smile on my face the whole time we were talking! Now I had to go back to boring old reality. Oh! That just remindes me. I have to go food shopping today. Drop Alex off at daycare and visit mom this afternoon.

"Alex! Get in the car! Your going to daycare." "But whyy?? I don't want to." He started winging. " Get in you big baby. Josh is going to be there today so you guys can play!" That put a huge smile on his face and then he jumped into the car straight away.

At 9:00am I headed down to the food shopping centre when I bumped into Olivia. "Hey Maddie! I didn't see you after the concert. Where did you go?" "I just went to the beach with a friend." I said lookign sad. "Who's the boy and what did he do?" "Why do you mean 'What did he do'? He did nothing and if i tell you you'll freak out!" I said so no one could hear us. "Lets go into the toilets then, shall we?" And then without my reply Olivia pulled me into the disabled toilets so no one could hear. "Fine, fine just let go and i'll tell you!" I said. " Don't frak out but it's Kellin Quinn, and!! I'm upset because he's finishing his tour and I won't be able to see him for three weeks!" I could feel myself about to cry, but I held it in and waited till i got home. " OH.MY.GOD! Friggen Kellin Sexy Quinn is your boyfriend? The one i've been in love with and obsessing over for the past 3 years?" "Yes! Yes! But don't go all crazy fan girl please." " I'm so pround for you Mad! Wait did you guys... you know... kiss..?" I froze and my mind went back to our kiss at the beach. I collapsed to the ground and started bawling my eyes out. "Woah, hey Maddie are you okay?" Liv panicked and bent down to comfort me. Between sobs i said. " I... I.. I just.. can't.. take it Liv...please.. please help me.. please... help." I was heartbroken. I felt like I lost someone. It wasn't a big deal though! It was only three weeks but I was too impacient. I needed him. Now. No one else could make me happy but him. Not Liv, not dad, not mom, not Alex. Just Him, Kellin. "Yes! I'll help you with whatever it takes!" "I.. wan..t.. Kelli..n... I.. need..!!" I said as if i was about to die or I had just gotton shot in the heart.

After I calmed down in the bathroom which took about 15 minutes. I said bye to Liv and said i wanted to just be alone. So I went back home and sat in my room. It was only 11:22am. Crap, i have to wait like 1 hour and a half to call him. I started to cry again to let all of my feelings and emotions out. I cried in my room for about an hour with my phone laying on my bed. right there. in front of me. waiting for Kellin to call.


I was just sitting there, in the silence of the house.Any minute now he should be calling. I was right.My ring tone went off two seconds later. I grabed it as fast as I could.

"Hey my beautiful girlfriend! How are you doing?"

"Kellin. Do you want me to tell you the truth about how i'm going?"

"Yes, of coarse. But why would you not anyway?"

"Well for first. I feel terrrible. I miss you so much i havent eaten a thing all day and i've been crying throughout the whole day. Even in the mall, Olivia my best friend had to pull me into the toilets so no one could hear. I feel like death and for the past four and a half hours all i've been doing is looking forward to you calling, i need you, and i want you now. I don't know why I love you so much? I shouldn't but I do. I guess that just the way you make me feel."


Wait! Was Kellin crying? Oh.My.Friggen. God. I made him cry:(

"Baby, I feel so heartbroken right now. I really need you to be with me here right now! So I'd love it if you could open the door for me and let me in to see you."

"Your not messing with me right? Are you being honest?"

I quickly ran down stairs and slowly walked towards the door.

"Nope! Open the door and see for yourself!"



Then Kellin hung up. Was he really here?






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