Do it now, Remember it later.

Maddie is just your regular 23 year old girl who's just got a new job as a singer. She's not a big deal but she is really good. Then one day at a sound wave in Florida she has her first gig and kellin Quinn finds her voice amazing and wants to find out more to her.READ ON TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THE STORY!!


2. Is this a date...?


Okay so I pretty much just asked out the most beautiful person in this room out on a walk to the beach! Which you could practically call a date. right? Anyway i'm packing all of my stuff away and i'm getting ready to put some more apropriate clothes on for the beach and whilest im doing that me and Maddi keep glancing over at each other and she keeps giggling. I think im going to know er for a long time, and i want her to be in my life at this moment in time.

Once we were near my car i asked her. "Do you have your own car, or do you want to get a ride with me down to the beach?" "Well, my dad said he would pick me up, but i rung him up and said i have plans for the evening so yeh.. if it's okay with you then i'll come with you!" She was so pretty. Her ldimples and big brown loving eyes made her look so inocent that not even the mos cruel person on earth could say no to her. " Yeah! Of course it's okay with me! Why'd you think I asked? haha. Get in the car you dumb dumb." I said to her jokingly and she laughed! Hey good one Kellin, your doing great, you just need to get her to like you the way you like her.

We got in the car and i started the engine. It was an awkward silence between us. She was looking down at her phone in her lap, i was just making it look like i was concentrating on the road the whole time when i actually wasnt. Then she started putting ear phones in. uh oh. Not good so i cut her off by saying " Hey, you can plug your phone into the car on loud speaker! It works a lot better than ear phones and plus we can still chat!" :Uhm i dont think you'd want to really" she said. "Please!!" "Um okay yeah sure." Then she put the phone in the speakers and pressed shuffle.

"Met a girl at 17, knew she meant the world to me so i gave her everything she turned out to be a cheat. Said she'd been thinking for a long time, And she'd found somebody new-

"Hey! This is my song! I didn't know you had it!" I said surprised. "Well first of all nah! And second of all I don't have your song i just went on youtube! I wanted to surprise you silly!" She was so cute.

"We're here." I said. "No shit sherlock" she said then laughed. It made me smile, she knew how to have fun and she was a lot like me in the department.


So me and Kellin just arrived at the beach. Of course we wernt the only ones there. His whole band was there! Jesse, Justin, Gabe, Jack and even Vic from Peirce the Veil came too! It was a beautiful sunset as me and Kellin both got out of his car. "Wow, thats the most beautiful thing." I explaimed. " Theres one other thing thats more beautiful here than that sunset.." Kellin mumbled just so it was loud enough for me to hear, then gave me a seductive smile that made me blush a little. A little while later me and Kellin where walking along the beach just so our toes where getting wet by the ocean. We stood so close next to each other that we were almost holding hands! " Maddi, theres something I need to tell you. The reason I asked you to come to the beach with me was so I could get to know you better.. if you havent noticed I really like you, and I hope after tonight we can still talk and hang out." Kellin Quinn likes likes me!! Eeek!! fangirling on the inside, calm and cool on the out side..

"Kellin, your so sweet!" I laughed then stopped us both from walking and stood in front of him. "I think i feel the same way. But I want to take things slow. So we can get to know each other better." "Wait, i'm confused.. are we goi-" Then I just felt like confirming to him that yes. we where like a half couple if that makes any sense what so ever by jumping up on my tippie-toes and cut his sentence of by kissing his soft, fragile, delicate lips. "Wow.. do you think you could do that again?" We both smiled and laughed. "If i get a please?" I said knowing we were about to kiss once again. "Please" He whispered as he leant over to kiss me. My face was cupped in his hands and i was leaning my hands on his waste.

"Hold my hand and lets walk!" I said with my hand open for option. "yep, sure!" He said looking as happy as ever.

It was 8:00pm now and it started to get dark on the beach so Kellin offered to drop me home and then we exchanged numbers. " Hang on a second" I said before walking into he house. " Don't you leave here tomorrow?" I said frowning a little bit and getting sad. " Oh shit! I totally forgot all about that! Crap, crap, crap.." I could feel rage heating up in my body telling me to pull him in the house and keep him there so he's mine forever. But i had to understand the fact that my so called new boyfriend or whatever was finishing his tour, which he had 6 more concerts to go to in the space of 3 weeks. And then he'll forget about me and keep on living his wonderful life, great. " How could you. I kissed you. I should of kn-" then i felt myself calm down and i felt 100 times more relaxed. Yes, Yes he did cut me off and started kissing me. Did it feel amazing, you ask? Why yes, it was the best feeling in the world to be kissed by Kellin, my boyfriend. " It's only three weeks babe. I'll call you every night! Text you every hour and i'll come back and we can go on a proper date!" He said trying to secure me to know i was alright. " Okay, Kellin you promise you will?" I said with a tear rolling down my cheek. "hey.. Hey! don't cry baby, I promise over life, death, i will come back and be with you!" Then I bursted out crying after what he said. Then he grabed my face and i cupped his face and right there in front of my house we had a full on make-out session.

2 minutes later..

"I have to go inside now.. i'll miss you" I said with my voice i have when i've been crying. " Okay baby, I'll miss you more than ever! Dont forget that.. I love you" He whispered into my ear. "I love you too" I quietly said back then watched him drive away in his car.

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