Do it now, Remember it later.

Maddie is just your regular 23 year old girl who's just got a new job as a singer. She's not a big deal but she is really good. Then one day at a sound wave in Florida she has her first gig and kellin Quinn finds her voice amazing and wants to find out more to her.READ ON TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THE STORY!!


4. A Little Bit Like Heaven

I opened the door as slowly as i could. I was the only one in the house. I felt scared, excited, sad and happy all at the same time which is really hard to believe but that's just how i felt.


"Hey Maddie."  He said with a tear rolling down his cheek and a small grin on his face.


"Oh my god." That's all I said before running up to him and hugging with, crying with tears of joy.


"Babe, why are you crying?" Kellin whispered to me softly. " I missed you so much Kellin, I don't think you understand how much." I said before letting him speak and kissing him softly on the lips. "Maddie, I came back for you. Your friend said she got my number whilst looking after you in the toilets. She rung me up an told me everything. Every little detail. What happened when I heard that broke my heart so i rung you up afterwards, even you told me how much you missed me. That made me cry and I was on the way here to surprise you. I love you Maddie. Don't ever think I don't."


Kellin's poetic words left me speechless. I knew it was only the first 3 days without him, but it sure was love at first sight. We just stood at the door way for a while before Kellin broke the silence once again.


"Hey, is anyone here, apart from you and me?" He said all calmed down and smliey. " No. It's just you and me." I said with my arms wrapped around his waist and almost touching his bum. " Then how about i come inside and we watch a movie together whilst snuggling into each other?" Ohh. how much i loved him, how the hell did i get him? "That sounds like a great idea." I said quietly but with a seductive smile on my face.


Kellin and i held hands as we walked over to the couch. " You have such a nice house, may i say miss Danna.." I giggled at his posh accent. " Why thank you for the compliment Mr Quinn" I said back in the same accent but giggling because of how silly we were both being.



Kellins P.O.V



She was so beautiful when she giggled. I made the right decision by cancelling the rest of the tour. I don't think I’ll ever regret it. " Haha. What movie are we watching?" I said just before our lips met once again. Her mouth was so tender and delicate. “Hmm.. Well what type of movie? Horror, Comedy, Romance, Drama or Action?" She said. " I feel like the smart choice will be horror. Just so when the scary parts come up you can cuddle with me." I said smirking at her seductively. “Looks like the boy has the brains for romance as well!" She said laughing. God how much her laugh made me smile.


“Halloween, Drag me to Hell, Paranormal Activity 1, 2, 3, 4 or Never Cry werewolf?" She asked me whilst she was still laughing, which of course made me laugh as well. " How about Paranormal Activity 3? That's my favourite one." I said looking a bit smart about myself whilst laying down on the sofa.


" Oh my god! No way! That's the freakiest. I didn't end up watching it all, i was too chicken.." I laughed. "The more scared you are the better haha!" I said as she gave me a fake frown. " But i'm scared!"


"SO WHAT! Suck it up princess! We are watching it and there's no exeption's okay!"


"Fine then!" She put the disc in, got a blanket and some popcorn for us to share.


When it came up to a freaky part Maddie started shaking. I just watched her and laughed my ass off!


" Kellin!! Tell me when it's over!" She shouted as she placed her precious head in the gap between my shoulder and neck. "Okay baby, it's finished. Like literally. The movie has finished you big chicken!" I said whilst looking down at her. "Really? Wow. That was quick and scary!" She seemed surprised when saying it. "What are we going to do now?" She said looking up to me with a serious and seductive look on her face. I think I know what she wanted. " I know.." I leaned down and kissed her roughly and passionately. Our session of making out lasted for about 10 minutes. We almost started talking our clothes off until we heard the door open.




Maddies P.O.V






I can't belive it! Wrong timing hey? Dad and Alex just had to come home. " Kellin! Get off. Quick" I said before dad or Alex saw something. "Okay hang on a second," Kellin whispered whilst putting his t-shirt back on. Then he stood up. We made it look like nothing suspicious happened before Alex came running in with his fake guitar. " AHHHHHH. Rahhhhhhh!" Alex screamed as if he was in a rock/heavy metal band whilst playing his fake guitar at the same time.


“Ha-ha! Who's this little rocker?" Kellin asked me whilst smiling. “Oh, him. He's just my little brother, Alex" I said not making it look like a big deal. “He’s like a mini me!" Kellin said whilst walking up to Alex and joyfully humming. “You two are dorks aha!" I said jokingly whilst telling Kellin i was just going to the toilet.


I walked down stairs and heard people laughing. Was that my dad i just heard laugh for the first time in about a month? Ohmygod it was. I saw Kellin, Alex and dad talking and getting along like three peas in a pod. “Look at my three boys all together!" I said loudly interrupting their joyful conversation.


“Kellin, can you come up to my room with me for a second?" I said with a quick wink. "Yep! Sure lets go then." As me and Kellin walked upstairs hand in hand i heard Alex and Dad whisper then go "Owhhhh ohh!" And then winked at us as if they were mocking me then we all laughed before me and Kellin got to my room.


As I shut the door and he was facing my back. He started saying "Maddie wha-" Then I turned around and cut him off with a rough kiss making us fall on the bed. " I wanted us to finish from where we left off back down stairs.." I said with heavy breathes in between kissing him.


Kellin and I made love for the first time that night. It was amazing; i don't think it could of gotton any better. Then Kellin ended up staying the night because of that.

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