Never felt like this before

Lies had been told through out her whole life. It took one strange event for her to realize that.


2. Who are you?


"W-who are you?" i choked. She stepped forward while taking off her hood to reveal her face.

As I looked closer, i saw some familiar features. She looked exactly like me.

"Hello sister." she said with a smirk.


"what?!?!?" i almost screamed until i realised we were in a quiet coffee shop.

"I know its a lot to take in.. believe me, I've been there." she said, taking a sip of her hot tea

"so they just gave you away? how could they separate us?" i said shocked that my loving parents would do such a thing.

I came from a great home,my parents both love me to death and i loved them just as much. My dad is a lawyer and my mum is a nurse, they both work school hours so that they can come home and spend time with me. They know about the bullies and everything. What they dont know is that i feel so lonely, i cry myself to sleep and when the bullying got worse i started to self harm.

i didnt realize that i had zoned out until Sally, as i learned her to be called, waved her hand frantically infront of my face. As i zoned back in i spilled my scolding hot coffee down myself.

"sorry!!" sally said panicked as she handed me some napkins "im so so so sorry" she added.

"its fine" i said, taking the napkins from her. " so how did you find me?" i asked wanting to know all the details

"I..uh..." sally mumbled not meeting my gaze.

"Sally, its fine, i wont be angry.." i smiled reassuring her.

 She breathed a calming breath and spoke "Ive known about you my whole life. My orphanage manager always reminded me that i wasnt wanted.."

"The orphanage...?" i questioned, looking into her sad eyes.

"Yeah.. The orphanage.. Ive been in and out of foster homes my entire life.. Turns out nobody wants me.. aha..." she said with a little tear forming in her eyes.

"I'm.. I'm so sorry..." i gasped.

"thanks but its okay.. i mean.. at least one of us is happy.." she said. I thought about what she said. Happy. Whats it like to be happy?

" I have a great idea." i blurted out, immediately regretting it.

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