Never felt like this before

Lies had been told through out her whole life. It took one strange event for her to realize that.


3. Oops...

"Thanks but its okay.. I mean.. at least one of us is happy.." she said. I thought about what she said. Happy. Whats it like to be happy?

"I have a great idea." i blurted out, immediately regretting it.


"Really? You'd do that for me?" she asked whilst holding back a tear.

I guess it wasnt the best idea considering i hardly knew her, but i trusted her to say the least. After all she is my twin.

"Of course, although my life isnt exactly that special.." I said remembering back on the life dwelling outside of this warm cafe. Sally interrupted my thoughts "oh come on! You have a home, Parents who love you and care about you. Your life is actually perfect. But where are you going to stay..?" she asked worryingly, after all she didnt have a home.

"shit! i didnt think that part through.." i said not wanting to disappoint her.

The sadness in her eyes became more clear until i thought of the perfect place.

" I know! I'll stay in the cabin. Its a few blocks away, that way i can come and check on you."

I had previously had the idea for us to swtich places, so Sally gets to have a family and i get to be on my own for a while, some time to myself. I didnt tell Sally that i had no friends or that i am bullied at school. I also forgot to warn her of my self harm. I just thought we could deal with it when it comes around. I honestly dont know what went through my head at that point. My mum and dad would see through her and immediately worry. I also forgot to mention that i had piano and flute lessons every afternoon. I also forgot to mention that i had been raped. Another reason to add to my deformality and personality issues.

"are you sure? I cant take away your home.. its not right." she said taking me out of my daze.

" of course, i just have to warn you... " she looked at me worried.

" i have flute and piano lessons everyday after school" i said with a smile, keeping back the information i had originally planned to tell her. She took a sigh of relief and went back to sipping her tea.

"okay, heres the address.." i said, writing it down on a napkin.

"my mums name is Brenda, but call her mum, My dads name is Dave, but call him dad. Im Y/N Y/L/N but mum and dad call me (insert nickname)." i said noticing she couldnt retain it all. "dont worry you'll get it eventually." i added with a laugh

"i hope so" she smiled

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