Never felt like this before

Lies had been told through out her whole life. It took one strange event for her to realize that.


1. Alley Way

(Y/N) P.O.V~

This cold, rainy morning was like any other. I would walk to the same tree. By myself. I would walk to the same coffee shop and order the same coffee. By myself. As I, yet again, sat in the coffee shop with my white moccaccino, I felt numerous pairs of eyes staring into the back of my head. As i felt their gaze deepen, i decided to turn and see who it was that was that had me in their sights.

As i turned, a figure walked out the back of the shop. As i watched intently, i decided to follow. I walked out the back of the little coffee shop and the cool, winter air hit me. I looked at my surroundings immediately realizing i was coaxed out to an alleyway. Before i knew it, three guys came out of the shadows. They were all taller than me and clearly older. I took a step back as they walked towards me. They kept approaching and i kept moving backwards until i realized, yet again, i had been tricked into a dead end. Just as i was about to scream, i heard loud footsteps coming from behind them. They stepped aside so that the unknown person could come towards me. It was the person i followed. it was a girl.

"thank you boys." she said, as she dismissed them.

she turned to me and i was still scared.

"sorry! i didnt mean to frighten you!" she said as she noticed i was scared.

"w-who are you?" i choked. she stepped forward while taking off her hood to reveal her face.

As i looked closer, i saw some familiar features. She looked exactly like me.

"hello sister." she said with a smirk.



*A/N; hi guys, this is my first story, please no hate. it will get better i promise. if you guys like it please comment and if you would like to give me ideas on how to make it better please do so. thanks*

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