Imagines! (PLL & 1D)

Hey Movellians!

I feel like doing some imagines for my fav show, Pretty Little Liars and my fav band One Direction! I can even combine the two if you want!



-Best friend confesses love
-Tell him your pregnant
-First date
-First meeting
-two boys fighting over you (pick the boys.. Duh) (also tell me who wins)
-loosing your virginity to him.


-Your Alison's best friend. (You can choose where you go with her. Or you can let me choose for you)
-Your part of the A Team
-Your Toby/Caleb's girlfriend
-sleep with Toby/Caleb
-first kiss with Toby/Caleb

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2. Stuck on a Ferris wheel ~ Claire & Niall

~Claire & Niall~

I looked at my gorgeous girlfriend Claire they had been through so much in their 2 years of dating she has gone threw Hate, Near death experience and a miss carriage of our first child. Lately she's been keeping something from me and she keeps acting like everything is ok but I know something is up.
I take her hand and walk her down the popcorn spotted grass of the fair
"Lets go on this" I said walking towards the Ferris wheel she nodded as she followed behind me.
We reached it
"Get in that cart babe Im just going to put your purse down at the bottom" I said she smiled and turned to walk on the cart I put Claire's bag on one of the hooks and before she could notice I took some money put of my pockets
"Make sure you stop it at the top ok? Give me 10 minutes" I said the staff member took the money
"Get on sir. And I'll stop you on the top." He said I smiled
"Thank you" I turned to Claire and climbed on the cart I pulled the bar down onto our laps and smiled at Claire we started rising.

When we got to a stop the carts halted.
"What's going on?" Claire asked
"I don't know but you need to spill" I said
"What? Spill what?" She asked playing dumb
"Spill what your keeping from me" I said turning towards her.
"There's nothing for me to spill" she said
"Do you seriously think I can't tell of something's wrong?" I asked
"I'm scared Niall ok?! Stop prying at it!" She said tears coming to her eyes I took her hand
"What are you scared of?" I asked
"That it might happen again and I can't handle it." She said
"That what might happen again?" I asked
"I'm pregnant" she blurted out
I smile came to my lips I couldn't say the same for Claire
"Why aren't you happy?" I asked
"Because Niall I can't handle loosing another baby" She said I put my hand on her stomach
"Your not loosing anything. I'm going to protect you. And you little Niall Jr." I said kissing her stomach Claire giggles
"I love you Niall" she said
"I love you so much more" I said kissing her. I felt like I was flying, well we kinda are. The Ferris wheel started moving.
I laced my fingers with Claire's
"You mean the world to me Claire Bear I promise nothing is going to happen to you or our baby" I said she snuggled into my chest. I set my head on hers
"How far along are you?" I asked
"3 weeks" she said
"I'll make an appointment when we get home" I said
"For what?" She asked
"Ultra sound I wanna find out if its Niall Jr. Or Claire Jr." I said she giggled
"Your amazing" she whispered
"I know" I said smiling


Sorry Claire of it sucked and you didn't like it! I don't think it was that good... But I hope you liked it! Thanks for commenting! <3

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