Imagines! (PLL & 1D)

Hey Movellians!

I feel like doing some imagines for my fav show, Pretty Little Liars and my fav band One Direction! I can even combine the two if you want!



-Best friend confesses love
-Tell him your pregnant
-First date
-First meeting
-two boys fighting over you (pick the boys.. Duh) (also tell me who wins)
-loosing your virginity to him.


-Your Alison's best friend. (You can choose where you go with her. Or you can let me choose for you)
-Your part of the A Team
-Your Toby/Caleb's girlfriend
-sleep with Toby/Caleb
-first kiss with Toby/Caleb

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3. My Brother's Bestfriends ~ Mica, Niall & Louis


"I'll be right back, Louis, Niall you guys can play some video games ok? I'll just together the beer" my brother (Hmmm,.. What should I name him... I know!!) Michael said I heard him outside if my door. I put my head phones in and let music fill my ears I was waiting for my boyfriend to get here. I typed up a few more paragraphs of my essay when I felt my long sleek black hair be pushed fom my shoulder and kisses be planted on my neck. I smiled
"Sweet Brad, but how'd you get in?" I asked turning my office chair around.
"Louis?!" I said surprised I went to get up when he pushed my shoulders back down in the chair my door opened again Niall walked in not wearing a shirt.
"Where's Brad?" I asked
"I sent him home. Told him that you were done with him" Niall says sitting on my bed.
I looked back at Louis
"No you can't do that!" I said trying to get again only to be shoved back down.
"Shhh shhh, it's alright" Louis whispers stroking my cheek with the back of his index finger.
His lips crashed against mine he out his hand at the back of my neck. Maybe that's all he wanted? A kiss? If I kiss him will he leave?
Our kiss was breathless I acted like I gave into it kissing him back with rough force he lifted me up out of the chair putting his hands on the small of my back I put mine on his face as we continue to play tonsil tennis. I wasn't enjoying this that's for sure. But, Louis was a good kisser.
He slipped his hands to the back of my thighs and lifted me up I didn't wanna fall so I locked my legs around his waist.
"Niall" he called upon Niall who was still here.
"Yeah" Niall responded
"Keep an eye out" Louis says my heart sinks he does want more. Im not giving it to him.
He carried me over to my bed plopping me down
"Louis please don't." I begged
"Why not? I've seen the way you look at me" he said kissing me I broke it off
"What do you mean the way I look at you?" I snapped
"Eye fucking me" he said he ripped open my button up shirt the buttons hitting the hard wood floor with little tick tacks
"Louis please stop" I said
"No" he pulled down my panties under my skirt and unbuckled his own pants taking off his shirt. He took off his remaining clothes I tried one more attempted
"Please stop!" I begged


I stood outside of the door listening to Mica's screams in pain and agony as Louis started what he came for.
Some of her screams got muffled I'm guessing when Louis covered her mouth, after a short while they turned into moans but she still had little grunts of pain. After 15 minutes the sound stopped like the light squeaking of Mica's bed. When the door opened Louis shirtless and buttoning his pants as he walked out.
He smiled
"Your turn" he said slipping his stripped top over his head I smirked
"Keep watch?" I asked as I walked in, I bpun buckled my pants
"You know it" he said.
I walked in pulling off my pants
"No" she whined I smirked


I say against the wall out of energy Mica was so energy taking, her constant fighting back. But I broke through I got into her.
The memories of this day will always be with me and Niall. I heard screams and grunts about 10 minutes passed when I heard Michaels car pull into the neighbor hood (it was a muscle car,,,)

"Niall! He's home" I said
"Come in" Niall's voice came through the door I walked in to him slipping his pants back on Mica had her blankets wrapped around her
"You'll never get away with this I'm telling him" she said I walked up and grabbed her chin in my hand roughly turning it to face me,
"You do that, I will do this again but next time rougher and I swear to god I will hurt you so bad you'll never want Anyone to ever touch you again" I said she looked at me I roughly let go turning away me and Niall exited the room shutting the door behind us.
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