Secret Diary of a Call Girl

*One Direction Fanfiction*

"Hello, this is Lauren speaking. You want to meet me at the Royal Hotel? Alright, I'll see you there then." Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm a call girl. 18 years old and I'm working as one. Unbelievable huh? I'm targeting Harry Styles next. See what happens when you put two players together.


2. Hypnotising (15+)

Lauren's POV

I took of his bathrobe, leaving him in his boxers. His bulge was growing and I started straddling him. He peeled off my bathrobe, throwing it on the floor. I started kissing him, from the lips down to his chest. Harry moaned as I palmed him through the boxers, and pulled me back up to kiss me. His nimble fingers took out my corset, as he started squeezing and sucking on my boobs. I couldn't wait anymore and pulled down his boxers, letting his friend loose. I did a hand-job on him, before sticking it into my mouth. Every now and then, he would bring me up to kiss me. After a while, he pulled down my underwear, starting to lick my pussy. I was sent over the edge immediately. Harry then slowly slid himself into me, letting me adjust to his size. I screamed out profanities at pain, which soon turned into pleasure. He was huge. He thrusted slowly before gaining speed. Boy, wasn't he good. We hit the peak together, him squirting juices into me. The whole room was filled with moans and shouts of pleasure.

We did it for a while more, before the time was up and I got up and went to the bathroom to shower and change up.

*30 minutes later*

 I walked out of the bathroom and towards him. "200 bucks please." I asked courteously. Harry shrugged his shoulders, reaching out for his wallet on the bedside table. He fished out some 400 bucks, before handing it to me. "Here, keep the rest. You were great." he replied. I thanked him and walked out of the room, going out of the hotel the same way I had gone in and returning the key at the check-out counter. I called for my limo to pick me up to send me to my next destination for another "treatment". "A few more to go till home sweet home, Lauren," I thought to myself.



Author's note: 

Hey peeps! This is my first author's note and I guess that it was quite easy to write this chapter, but I think its kind of short. I will try to update every week and please, please, no bad comments. Love ya all! Stay AmaZayn; PhenomiNiall; BrilLiam; ExtraordinHarry and FabuLouis!!! Muah!

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