Secret Diary of a Call Girl

*One Direction Fanfiction*

"Hello, this is Lauren speaking. You want to meet me at the Royal Hotel? Alright, I'll see you there then." Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm a call girl. 18 years old and I'm working as one. Unbelievable huh? I'm targeting Harry Styles next. See what happens when you put two players together.


6. Coincidence

Lauren's POV

I called for a cab to come pick me from my house, telling him to rush over to the hotel as soon as possible. I watched as my fare kept going up and when I reached, I just paid him the exact amount before alighting.

I did my normal routine; check in, rush to room to see the customer. When I reached the floor, it somehow seemed oddly familiar. This was the floor Harry's room was on! Thoughts raced through my mind, thinking it was Harry who called me, just that he had used another phone. Nevermind! I would just find out later on! While walking to the room, I was using my phone, but I suddenly bumped into someone. Both of us looked up at each other. 


Harry's POV


I was shocked. Was she here to see me? This was the band's private floor. But, on a second thought, one of the boys could have called her. I shook the thought off and said hi before rushing to the nearest Starbucks near the hotel to get an ice coffee.

Lauren's POV

I thought I was going to meet Harry again but it turned out to be another 1D member. I quickened my footsteps, rushing to the room. Finally, I found it and quickly tapped my card to enter the room. I heard soft music playing in the background and walked more into the room. I still could not find the customer. When I walked into the living room, I saw Zayn painting on a canvas sheet. He was sitting at the window, painting the view. Zayn was too engrossed and was oblivious to my presence. 

"Zayn?" I called him, before he turned around and saw me.

Zayn's POV

"Who are you?" I asked and checked my watch. Oh right, I guess she was the call girl. I told her to come closer to me. She stepped up, introducing herself as Lauren. Right, she was super hot. Harry had told me she was really good in bed so I decided to call her on the day Perrie and I broke up. Well, she refused to have sex with me. At least I can find someone to relieve my sexual frustrations. That sounds kind of clique though.

Lauren's POV

When Zayn called me closer, I knew what he was thinking. Who was I? I quickly introduced myself before requesting if I could use the washroom. He had just finished painting and allowed me to go before we started our session.

I quickly changed into a black lace thong and a matching bra, but it was practically see through. When I finally came out of the washroom, Zayn was keeping his paintbrushes but he was already in boxers. His bulge was visible and you could see it growing every minute. I strutted over to him, taking the paint palette and bringing it to him. He stared at my outfit, and licked his lips, looking at me from head to toe.

Going up, he looked at my mouth, before leaning in to kiss me forcefully. I moaned into the kiss as our tongues fought for dominance, but he won. Zayn lifted me up, holding my thighs and wrapping them around his waist as we continued kissing.

When we got to the bed, Zayn let me down and crawled on top of me. I flipped him over, sitting on his lap, I could feel his bulge still growing. As I shifted on top of him, he grunted and turned me around to face him. I palmed his member through the boxers, before he ordered me to take it off him. I pulled at the waistband, but not taking the boxers off him yet as I was just teasing him. Zayn pulled at my bra, taking it off in on swift motion. I pulled the whole pair of boxers down, letting his member spring to life. It was long and thick, like Harry’s.

He took one bud into his mouth, sucking and biting like his life depended on it, while I, on the other hand, was doing a handjob on him. Zayn massaged my other breast with his free hand but soon changed the bud he was sucking on. We moved up further onto the bed, and my thong was off in one swipe. With one free hand available, Zayn used it to rub my clit, and soon stuck a finger into it. He pumped with a steady beat and I groaned from the amount of pleasure it gave me.

Zayn’s POV

Her clit was glistening with wetness and she was in too much pleasure to pump my dick anymore. Suddenly, I could not take it anymore and dove down to her private area, licking up the remains of her orgasm and stuck my tongue into her clit. She was delicious and felt like putting my member in her immediately. I grabbed a condom from the bed stand, ripping the packet open and handing it to her to slip it on me. She quickly but carefully did it, and I rested my tip at her entrance. Lauren nodded for me to continue and I slipped myself into her tight pussy. She felt so good.

Lauren’s POV

It was slightly painful when he first entered due to his size but when he started thrusting the pain went away and was overtaken by pleasure. I rode him, telling him to go faster.

“Faster! Harder!” is all I would shout to him, and he went really fast. I kept screaming fuck as he felt so good in me and he would say the same but add that I was so tight. I told Zayn not to let go yet as we were going to hit the climax but he could not hold it so he cummed into the condom before I finally released and came onto his dick with an earth-shattering orgasm. Waves of pleasure rushed through my body.

Tired from the sexual intercourse we had just gone through, I flopped myself down on the bed, closing my eyes to rest for a while.

After another 30 minutes, I showered and prepared to go to my next customer. Grabbing my bag, I walked towards Zayn, and nodded my head. Understanding, he fished out a wallet from his pants and handed me $500. I muttered thanks before opening the door, only to bump into Harry again. I bowed my head before leaving the room with both Zayn and Harry.

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