Secret Diary of a Call Girl

*One Direction Fanfiction*

"Hello, this is Lauren speaking. You want to meet me at the Royal Hotel? Alright, I'll see you there then." Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm a call girl. 18 years old and I'm working as one. Unbelievable huh? I'm targeting Harry Styles next. See what happens when you put two players together.


4. A Thousand Years

Harry's POV

After I sent her the voicemail, I was sort of horny and wanted her to come again. Yep, she was great in bed. I checked for her twitter and lo and behold, I found her twitter account. Here was her intro,

Name: @sexyLprostitute

Heya, I am Lauren, 18 years old and I work as a call girl. Call me at 1673-0001-2222. xoxo

I stared at it in disbelief. Wow. 18? Same age as me. Maybe I could court her, cause she's so hot. I heard a ring and I knew I had received a message. I checked the sender and was glad as she had heard my voicemail. I stared at the second message. A picture of her nude? I am gonna faint. Hot. Girl. I honestly would wait a thousand years for that girl. Who would soon be mine.

Lauren's POV

After I sent the message, it was almost time for me to go the Royal Hotel again to see my next customer. I dressed up in a pair of skinny jeans, my nude pumps, and a strapless top that showed my cleavage. I grabbed my handbag and set off.


A/N: Okay, I've updated two chappies in a row. Super tired cause I have HFMD. Ouch! Love ya peeps! xoxo

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