Hopeless love

jackie is a profecianal dancer along with her best friend ofelia and when she gets a chance to meat some of the boys from one direction she discovers what love and lies can do to you .........


5. sweet dreams

Nialls POV : jackie opend the door as me and harry stared at her . she was in shorts and a ninja turtle shirt . her legs looked amazing in those shorts i couldent stop staring at her i was speachless when harry spoke i was relived i think she noticed she invited us in and oferd us a drink she went into another room and left me and harry on our own " wow mate you ok you baseclly stared at het the whole time " he whisperd " shut up harry  you cant tell me you didint noticed how hot she is "  i said still shoked " yea i did noticed did you see those legs oh god shes a babe " harry responded very intrested i knew if i liked jackie i had to make my move faster then him . we talked for a while when ofelia came out with only a towel on i can see harrys eyes grow biger and lik his lips with a smile after i was confuced did he want jackie or ofelia sure ofelia was a total babe she was hot but i liked something about jackie she was not that girlly she had natural beuty " ummm ....... jackie is in the other room " harry spoke still loking at her " oh cool ill just go change real quik " she reponded covering her self .

Ofelias POV ; i caime out of the shower to see harry and niall siting in the sofa i was real uncomftorble because harry looked real turnd on i ran to the room to change [and jasmine was already doing her makeup she curled her long brown hair and she was wearing a floral tank top with yellow shorts she looked beautifull i decided to wear blue jeand shorts and a hollister tank top with my black high hills i cureld my hair as well and before i knew it we were ready .

Jackies POV ; i looked at ofelia and she was ready that girl was quick we went out to the lobby and there was a bounch of people there starting from screaming tennagers too paparatzzies  i was scared i didint know what to do i felt a hand touch mine it was nialls i looked at him with a scared looke " its fine trust me " he said in my ear his words made me feel safe we got in the truck and there was girls still following us when we finally got away and we went to eat after that we went to the movies me and ofelia wanted to see a scary movie so we did i sat next to ofelia and ofelia sat next to harry leaving niall next to me the movie was fine at first but there was this scary part where  i pilld niall close to me he ssmelld so good i just wanet to stay in his arms when i as i pilld my self away from him i saw his blue eyes meat mine my heart raced as i noticed we were so close to each other i can feel him geting closer my eyes were closed and we were about to meat lips when ofelia screamd i jumpd and noticed niall was blushing the whole movie i just staide in his arms i didint want to leave him i fell asleep in his arms .

Ofelias POV ; when the movie was over i turnd to look at jackie and niall i saw niall smiling and jasmine asleep on his cheast i couldent take it i took out my phone and took a picture it was so adorable i post it on instagram and tagd her and niall it was the worst mistake my phone wouldent stop sending me notifications of people liking the pictore and comenting i woke her up she looked happy  .



chapter 6 coming up is anyone reding this or am i just entertaining my self comment please

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