Hopeless love

jackie is a profecianal dancer along with her best friend ofelia and when she gets a chance to meat some of the boys from one direction she discovers what love and lies can do to you .........


2. nice to meet you

when we finally got are room i went straight for the bed i was tierd and had no energy " jackie come on stand up im hungrry  " ofelia wined . 'well make something " i said to her not even looking " are you stupid or what ? ..... we have nothing to eat lets go out and find something to eat please " she said " ok fine but it better be quick " i said while standing up " thank you soo much ill buy the food promise " she laught a little " you better " i responded . we both fixed our hair ,makeup and changed " come on lazy lets go " she shouted while opening the door " im coming " as we got to the lobby we both realized we had no idea were to go " know what smart one ? " i said to her i was hoping she would give up and i could go to sleep but before i could even say antthing she had to open her mouth " well lets ask " its amazing the ammount of energy that this girl had so she went up to the man in the front desk and askt " excuse me were the nerest restarurant aroun here " the man looked at her for a while and said "thers a nandos around the cornor if you wanna walk there " she looked at me and quickly sed thank you to the man while taking my hand and draging me with her ' oh my god are we really ganna walk there " i said to her " of course lazy " she responded we finally got there and it was packt full of people she turnd to me and said " lets just go " i looked at her and quickly responded " are you crazy no were staing . i did not walk all the way over here for nothing " she looked at me confused i walked to one of the ladys there and ased " how do we get a tabble here ?" she looked at me and said " your gana have to waite sorry " i walked back to where ofelia was 'what hapend " she asked " the bitch sed we had to wait" she looked at me and laught . we were waiting there for 20 minutes know when all of a sudden a group of boys came in and started talking to the lady as i saw that she was gwting menus for them i stood up and graved ofelia i walkt towards the lady and said " im sorry but we were here first and you sed we had to wait " i looked at her mad "you do have to wait" she sed at that point the groupe of boys stared at me and ofelia i felt like i knew them from somewhere " just let it go " i hered ofelia in the back of me " "no i dont see why do they get a table before us and they didint even stand here like a dumass waiting for a table " then the curly one spoke " well if you want we can share a tabble " i looked at him then at ofelia " sure " ofelia said then the curly one looked at the lady and said " i guess were having a table for seven " he looked at us and smiled as she took us to are table i pulled ofelia to the side " are you crazy we dont even know them ' i saide she looked at me " i know but you were the one figthing so why not " she responde " well yea but it was for a table not for boys " i said whith a confused look " well we cant just leave " she saide while pulling me back to the table . she was right we couldent just leave . at first it was pretty quiet but then a bloond one spoke " so were you guys from " he looked at me " oh were from america " i sed with a smile ' oh cool what part " he said " " oh were from las vegas " ofelia responded " las vegas ? ...... what brings you here " the one with the curly hair added " oh well we want to get are own place here it seems preety cool " i respond " oh soory but whats your name love " another one spoke with a british accent i " oh my name is jackie " i responded with a smile " and im ofelia ' she added . " cool names im liam this is niall , harry , louis , and zayn " he said they all smiled we all got to talk and get to know each other they were fun and nice  ---- chapter 3 in preety soon

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