Hopeless love

jackie is a profecianal dancer along with her best friend ofelia and when she gets a chance to meat some of the boys from one direction she discovers what love and lies can do to you .........


1. my life as a dancer .

"coming" i screamed as i heard the door bell ring .it was my best friend ofelia ." jackie come on were gana be late ' she sed in a high voice " ok waite let me get my keys and phone " i quickly respond not allowing her to say anything else . ofelia was my best friend since i can remember we were back up dancers for american idol and the x factor . we wentg to visit london a couple of months ago and we decided that we wanet to live there so we were going back to london to buy an aparment or a house whatever we could aford her dad was a big time lawyer and had alot of money my dad and mom where owners of a big company so i didint really see them as much i lived with my two older brothers so i was the youngest and the only girl it pretty much suckt they treted me like a baby even if i was 19 my older brother was 25 and the one after him was 22 so we were all old enough but i never really liket living with two boys espeasally because there was always boys around and my brothers were super jelouse and over protective over me they didint really liked the idea of me moving all the way to uk i think because i was the one who cleaned there mess. " gorge come on were ganna miss are flight " i screamed so he can hurry up as he came runing down the stairs i saw my brother alex right behind him i stopt him and sed " were you going ?" i lookt at him wating for an answer " oh gorge sed i could come " i looked at him and rolled my eyes at him and looked at george "what he was bored " he sed " fine ok " i wined  we walked out the door we got in the car ofelia siting next to me and alex next to her " so are you ganna miss us jackie " george sed while looking at me from the mirror i quickly replayed sarcastically " yes i am " they both started laughing as gorge added " oh come on sis you know youre ganna miss your big bros " i ignored them . as we got to the airport me and ofelia took out our luggage and my brothers helpt me in . we waited in the line for security check my brothers started to say good bay " goodbye little sis im going to miss you " alex whidperd in my ear as he gave me a hug then my older brother george leaned in for a hug and sed " call me for anything dont forget we have your back little one " altghough we fight some times me and my brothers were super close we could tell each other anything i loved my brothers to death even if they were very annoying sometimes " i will call every chance i get " i relayed and gave him a week a smile i waned to cry but i was holding my tears back . sure i waned to live with my best friend in the uk but i was also ganna miss my two idiot brothers i turend around to look at my brothers and i saw alex craying he was the emotinal one i couldent stand seeing him cry as i watched him i fely a tear run down my chek " come on little sis your ganna make me cry " george looked at me and i saw his eyes get red with tears " i love you guys " i sed to them both " come here you two"  george sed with a tear on his face and huging me and alex at the same time we finally sed goodbye and me and ofelia were wating to go on the plaine " are you excited " ofelia looked at me " of course " i relayed with a smile right when she was ganna say anything else they called are plane number we both jumped right up and got in right as we sat in our seats she fell asleep so did i the whole trip was long and quiet as we got there and the plane stoped we quickly got off and graved our stuff we rented a cheep hotel to stay in untill we can find our own place .......... uploding chapter two soon

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