Hopeless love

jackie is a profecianal dancer along with her best friend ofelia and when she gets a chance to meat some of the boys from one direction she discovers what love and lies can do to you .........


3. i wanna get to know you

'can we take you home " harry said and looked  at me " umm sure but i dont think its necessary are hotel is  like 2 blocks away "  i responded " its fine babe well take you " he said i blusht like crazy i was not use to cute boys calling me babe american boys are not like that at all plus something about his voice made me smile . HARRYS pov : i smiled to my self a little when i saw jackie blush you could tell she liked being called babe i oferd to ride them home plus they were preety cute ofelia had light brown hair up to her sholders darck brown eyes almost black man she was beautifull she had a perfect body she looked like the sweet tipe and jackie she was amazing she was shorter then me had long darck brown hair that and light brown eyes she was preety fit as well she had curves i looked at louis i noticed he saw me staring at them " dont tell me your after them harry ' he whisperd at me i smiled and said " i cant help my self " we both laughed " liam < and zayn wanna go home so i guess you and niall are driving them " he smiled at me i knew what he was thinking " ill meet you at your flat then " i seaid to him while he stood up to say goodbye . OFELIASpov : i saw louis stand up and say goodbye to harry and niall then he stood infront of jackie to say goodbye " it was nice meeting you jackie " he said to her " you too she responded and gave him a hug then he stood in front of me and seaid good bye and as he gave me a hug he whisperd in my ear " watch out for harry " he chuckled and i blusht while looking at harry why would he tell me that ? i looked at jackie she was looking at me and louis i smiled at her while the rest of the boys sed goodbye we stayed for a liitle bit longer NIALLS pov ; i could tell harry was intrested in ofelia but he also looked intrested in jackie ofelia and harry were already having a talk with eachother while me and jackie were on our phones . there was something about jackie that i liked she was just really beautifull and she had the most beautifull light brown eye i felt the need to talk to her before harry did ' so jackie what do you do for a living " i said while looking at her " im a back up dancer for the xfactor and american idol " she responded with a smile . that explained her amazing body " oh cool i was in the xfactor " she quickly looked at me with a confused look " how ? " she asked  " i additioned and made it to the finals with the boys im sure youved herd of us " i said " oh my good it is you from one direction right ? " she said " yup thats me " i smiled at her ' oh no wonder i was trying to figure out were ive seen you before " she responded " i was surprised she didint know who we were but at the same time i was glad she wasent a crazy fan we starded talking and joking around and her smile was beautifull i loved the way she laughed and the waay she licked her lips before a smile i just wanet to kiss her soft pink lips right there . " its time to go " harry said to us and we all stood up and left to the car . JACKIES pov : niall was so cute and funny i couldent help but to keep looking at his eyes they were so beautifull and his smile and his laugh were perfect when we got in the car i went first i sat in the back seat i was expecting for ofelia to be right behind me but she was in front with harry so i got to sit next to niall i graved the seat belt and tryed to pull it but it was stuck ' here let me help you " he reached over me and graved ther seatbelt and pulled it as he pulled it he got closer to my face when sudenly the car stoped causing him to fall on me and are lips almost kissing he quickly sttod up and sat down " sorry i didint mean to fall on you " he saide so only i could hear as we got to the hotel we got off the car and sed goodbye to them harry gave a hug to ofelia and then to me as he was huging me he whisperd in my ear " goodbye babe " his voice made me smile then niall gave me and ofelia a hug and when they were about to leave niall asked if he could make a call on my phone so i gave him my phone and he diald a numper in when sudenly his phone started to ring i gave him a confused look and he smiled and said " you know have my phone number " and left " what was that ? " ofelia said " i dont know " i blusht "  oh my god you like him dont you " she seaid looking at me with a smile " i dont like him i just think hes cute ...... and you like harry so dont get me started " i said to her " i do not i just hapen to think hes cute and i also just hapen to have his number '

" you got his number !!! "

" shut up its not that big of a deal plus you have nialls to soo....."

we got to are rooms and i went sraight for the shower when i caime back i saw ofelia was in my phone ................ >>>> chapter 4 coming soon

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