Hopeless love

jackie is a profecianal dancer along with her best friend ofelia and when she gets a chance to meat some of the boys from one direction she discovers what love and lies can do to you .........


7. falling for him

Ofelia POV;so as they all agread to play truth or dare i started the game.I want to  emberce jackie becouse what friend would i be if i didnt emberce my bestfriend. " jackie truth or dare ? " i asked her so jackie responded with a confident look  "DARE".  " i dare you to drink out of a bottle of vodka  and dance for us " she laught and stood up and niall gave her vodka i was suprised she even waned to play she took a big drink out of vodka and harry played winded by justin biber she just let go and started danceing somehow her friendly dance turned into a sexual dance i looked at niall all he did was stare at her and all she did was look at him it got a little hot between them the whole time she was dancing they  made eye contact . after her dare was done it was her turn to dare so she looked at me and i knew she had something in mind so she spoke

Jackies POV : i looked at ofelia and asked her " truth or dare ofelia ? "  " dare" she said. so i dared her to give one of the boys a  kiss in the cheek  and another  one in the lips and she gets to chose who to kiss on the cheek or on the lips so she stand up walks over to harry and kisses him in the cheek and then pulls away turns to me and niall at that point my heart sunk this could only mean one thing she was going to kiss niall i looked at him then at her when  i least excpected she turns to harry and she graves his curls and kisses him as she was pulling away harry pulld her for another kiss . i was releaved

Harrys POV : jackie dared her to kiss one of us in the lips and another one in the cheek she stood up and kisst me in the cheek and ther looked at niall i was starting to get jelouse when sudenly she turnd and kisst me in the lips that only made her even hoter so i graved her and gave her another kiss i just waned to hold her and kiss her all night long .

Nialls POV : she stood up and kiss harry in the cheek and turnd to look at me and jackie  i knew it only meant one thing she had to  kiss me. yea she was hot and all but she was not jackie.but then she tured around and kissed  harry.

jackies POV: after ofelia kissed harry niall looked at me and smlied. so know it was ofelias turn to dare again she looked at niall and spoke " niall truth or dare " he looked at me then back at ofelia and harry " i chose ...... dare "  i knew she was going to dare him something stupid " i dare you to make out with jackie for 20 seconds " i looked at him and he stood me up he whisperd in my ear " we dont have too if you dont want to " i looked at him and answerd " i want to" he smiled at me and pulld me in close to him by my waist with one hand  on my lower back and the other one in the back of my neck he pulld me even closer looked straight into my eyes and kissed me  i could here harry and ofelia laughing in the backround but i didint care i just went with it after they counted down he wouldent stop and i didint want him to " guys you can stop know " harry said laughing. after we stoped playing we all went inside to change ............ chapter 8 coming soon



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