Hopeless love

jackie is a profecianal dancer along with her best friend ofelia and when she gets a chance to meat some of the boys from one direction she discovers what love and lies can do to you .........


4. doubble date

" gey off my phone ofelia "  i screamd at her she made me chase her untill i graved her hand and pulld my phone when i saw she was texting niall " what the fuck bitch " i said she laughed " he likes youre ugly ass " she said i looked up at her " shut up ofelia "  " look at the text messages he sent you stupid " she graved my phone and handed my phone back with the text she send

 from: niall ; )

      " hey "

     to : niall ; )

       " hey sexy lol "

       from; niall ;)

      " oh so know im sexy ? "

        to : niall ;)

      " i dont see why not "

      from : niall ; )

       " hahaha your very funny i like you maybe we should see eachother sometime tomarrow what do you think ? "

        to : niall ; )

         " sure pick me up at 7:00 thats the only time i am avaliable if you want "

          from: niall ; )

            " ok ill be there gorgeous goodnight "

              to : niall ; )

               " see you here then goodnight "


        i looked at ofelia she can tell i was mad she smiled " ofelia ........ call him and tell him it was you "  she looks at me for a momment then speaks  " fine " i give her the phone and put it on speker " hello " oh god it was him he sounded so sexy on the phone " tell him " i told her " ok ok " she said " hey niall ummm its me ofelia and well i was messing with jackies phone so you werent really texting her sorry " it was silent for a while " umm i dont really remember texting her let me check " a few seconds pass and you can here niall scream " HARRY !!!! you bastard " he starts laughing then you here harry laugh i was actually disapointed i actually wanted to see him " sorry jackie and ofelia harry was on my phone too " we all started laughing " ofelia was that really you " harrry said " yea i was trying to get jackie a date but she found out " they both laughed " i was trying to get niall with jackie to " he laughs even harder " so your not going to go out with niall jackie " harry said before i could say anything ofelia responded " yea she is " then harry talked " niall says he wants you jackie " he laughs and i could here niall telling him to shut up i blush and ofelia sees me " aww shes blushing niall " niall and harry both laugh " shut up ofelia ' i defend myself laughing " well goodnight guys " i say  " goodnight jackie " niall responds ofelia looks at me and winks at me and i hang up i grav my pajamas well they werent really pajamas they were more like shorts and my ninja turtles shirt and ofelia sleapt with a long shirt we were already in bed when i here my phone ring it was niall i answerd

" hey wats up "

" oh hey im sorry about harry he was just being dum "

" its fine "

" so do you still want to come out tomarrow "

" yea sure why not "

" well goodnight "

" goodnight niall "

when i go back to the room ofelia was on the phone it was like 2 in the morning and she was still on the phone i ignored her talking and went to sleep . the next morning i wake up to the sound of the doorbell ring i look at ofelias bead and she wasnt there she was in the shower i stood up to answer noticeing i was still in the amazingly tiny shorts i opend the door and it was harry and niall " umm what are you guys doing here '

" oh ofelia didint tell you were going out " harrt says

" we are ? "  i say surprised

 " yup "

" come in then "

it was kinda wierd niall keapt sraring at me i didint know what to do he made me feel so insecure i let them in and oferd them something to drink while ofelia finisht with her shower and i looked for my cloth

chapter 5 coming . can one of you comment what you think should i give up or ......... i feel like no one reads this it gets better i promise

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