Hopeless love

jackie is a profecianal dancer along with her best friend ofelia and when she gets a chance to meat some of the boys from one direction she discovers what love and lies can do to you .........


8. chapter 8

jackies POV : 

  " where can i change ?" i ask the two boys sitting in the kitchen eating " umm .......hear ill take you " niall says quickly standing up . i smile and follow him upstairs to a restroom " do you want me to wait for you or ? " he says looking at me making sure i was listening " um no im fine thanks " i say giving him a smile " ok ill be down stairs waiting if you need anything " he says before leaving i take off my bra and try to dry it as much as i can . when suddenly the door opened i quickly covered my self " oh my god " i shout at harry who saw my boobs " sorry i didint know .....umm if it helps they are very good looking " he says i blush like crazy and respond " we should just keep this a secret ..... you know so it wont be as awkward " he just stands there with out a word coming from his mouth " umm yea .... yea lets just keep it a secret . i guess ill leave you to it . and sorry again " he says quickly closing the door . oh my god how embarrassing know i have to face him knowing he saw me . i quickly changed and put my hair into a ponytail , i walked down stairs to see ofelia already changed and ready to go she was sitting down talking to niall and harry " ah youre done " ofelia said in a happy tone " yea ... umm we should get going know " i announce " no why were having fun " niall said turning to look at me " yea but we still need to unpack are things and tomorrow we need to find an aparment " i say " comon just a couple of minutes " niall says standing up and holding my hand trying to convince me " i dont want you to leave " he whispers so only i can hear i smile " fine " i say making him smile . he leads me to sit next to him making me be in the middle of harry and niall and ofelia next to harry ............................... writing more soon . sorry for a short chapter 

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