Hopeless love

jackie is a profecianal dancer along with her best friend ofelia and when she gets a chance to meat some of the boys from one direction she discovers what love and lies can do to you .........


6. catching felling

Jackies POV : ofelia woke me up and i found my self on nialls cheest i smiled and saw harry and ofelia laugh at somethin in her phone " what is it ? " i said in a demanding voice " look how cute this is " she showed me the picture already posted on instagram i blusht and looked at niall smiling at me " take it off ofelia " i said looking at her phone " why ? " she responded with a confuced look " because people are going to think were together plus i look ugly " i looked at her . then niall spoke  " no you dont you look beautifull so what if people think were together ill be lucky enough to have you " i blusht like crazy " what are we still doing here lets go " harry said lokking at us we stood up niall was the first one to stand up ofelia followed him and i was behind her harry was the last one as i was going down the stairs i almost triped but harry got to catch me by my waist . i stood up and looked at him " oh god im sorry i dont now what hapend " he looked at me for a while then answerd " oh no its fine as long as your ok im fine " he winked at me while still holding my waist " jackie !!" ofelia said with a mad look i can tell she was mad because of the way she said my name . me and harry backed away from eachother i walked over to ofelia niall was just looking at harry like if he had something to say but just didint want to say anything at all . after we got out ofelia draged me to the restrooms " whata hell was that jackie "

" what was what ? "

" oh come on even niall saw the way he held you "

" he was just helping i was going to fall "

" yea right if he was helping you why did he grave you by the waist and just stare at you "

" are you jelouse ? "

" why would i be jelouse '

' oh my god ofelia do you like harry ? "

" shut up there ganna heare you ! "

' why didint you tell me ? "

" becaus it looked like you liked the way he held you and looked at you i was starting to think you liked him "

" im not even intrested in him "

we both looked at each other and started to laugh realiceing we sounded stupid " come on lets go there wating for us " she said standing up and leding me to the door when we got out niall and harry were taking pictures with fans so we just stood there waiting fot them . when they were finally done we left the movie theather and got into there car " so what are we doing next ?" harry asked loking at us " umm i dont know i dont really care . " " well we have a pool at the house were staying at if you guys wana go ? " niall aded " sure why not " ofelia said and i agreed when we finally got to the house me and ofelia just looked at eachother in shok of how beautifull the house was " oh my god is this youre house " i said not even looking at them " yup " niall said opening the car door we got out and went in the house it was huge but it looked lonely i looked at ofelia and all she did was stare at the house " you guys wanna see the rest of the house " harry said snaping us out of it . " sure " ofelia aded with a smile he showed us the rest of the house and the rooms we went back down stairs were niall was talking on the phone and eating i over herd him talking but all i could here was " i wanna see you soon too " he looked at me and hung up " hey are you done seing the house " he said still eating " oh yea umm harry and ofelia are talking upstairs " i responded he looked at me for a second and then spoke again " you wanna get in the pool before they do  i smiled and replied " sure but i dont have a swimsuite "  he looked at me and smiled " so just take off your shorts and shirt its just us "

" what ? niall no i cant "

" come on jackie well have fun i promise "

" no "

" ok fine ill make you a deal if you go in with your underwear and bra ill go in my briefs "

" promise ? "

" promise . "

" oh my god i cant believe in doing this ....... fine "

he graved my hand and draged me outside we both started to take off our cloth he jumped in first " come on jackie " he said while looking at me it was preatty awkord i jumped in it was cold i saw him looking at me so i splashed him and swom away he caught me by my waist and pulled me closer to him " it wasent that bad was it " he whisperd in my ear " your right it is fun "  i smiled at him he was still holding me by my waist and keapt pulling me closer to him we were so close he closed his eyes and i did the same when i least expected i felt his lips touch mine it was amazing i herd a door slam we pulled away and i saw ofelia and harry coming to the pool " do you think they saw us " i asked niall " no harry would of already said something why ? does it bother you if they saw us " he looked at me confuced " no its just that i dont even know you that well " i said loking at his blue eyes " well maybe you should let me treat you the way a girl like you should be treated " just as i was about to say anything else ofelia and harry came outside " oh my god jackie are you in youre underwear and bra " ofelia said in a suprised look " yea i didint have a swimsuite so niall and me made a deal that if i go in he will too " i said hoping she will understand " so are you coming in or are you just ganna stand there ? " niall said looking at her she looked at me then at harry and started taking off her cloth . she jumped in and then harry jumped in after a while it was geting dark and cold so then we went into the hot tub the whole time i can feel niall looking at me  " we should play truth or dare " ofelia said loking at harry then at niall " sure why not " niall said looking at harry wating for him to say yes " lets do it " harry added they all looked at me wating for my aprovol so i spoke " sure " ........... chapter 7 coming soon


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