I love you

Dated before Alison's disappearance... (She doesn't disappear in this fan fic)

(Pretty Little Liars & One Direction Fan Fiction)

Life is good for Alison DiLaurentis, her four best friends Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields and Hanna Maron are the most popular girls in school. And The little town the like to call home, Rosewood.
Alison's life changes when she meets a local boy Harry Styles, at age 17 she loved to have boys around but the secret everybody didn't know about Alison was a virgin. Besides her constant weekly boyfriends she still managed to have her virginity. She's never had a serious relationship is they about to change when she meets Harry? Or will he only have those 7 days with Ali?


1. Nice Try Sweetie

~Harry's POV~

-Play "Get Some" By Lykke Li. The video is to your right if your on the website!-

I walk down the hall with the boys when I see her in her group of four best friends. Well her back was to me. I look at the back of her head her golden ringlets falling to the middle of her back her thin figure slender. Her cream white blouse with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows tucked into her black skinny jeans with the ankles rolled up her height increased because she was wearing her favorite white wedges. (As seen in Season 3 episode 16 "Misery Loves Company" when Alison visits Aria)
The boys nodded and kept walking down the hall. I walked towards Alison taking a deep breath her posey sees me and walks away. Alison is confused at first then she sighs and turns around
"Hi Harry" she says sounding bored she turned around and did her combo on her locker and opened it her perform coming out slapping me in the face with freshness.
"What can I help you with today H?" She asked she pretty much always called me "H" other than a few seconds ago when she greeted me.
"I was you know wondering if you'd like go out" I said casually
"H we keep having this conversation darling, how many times do I have to say no?" She said
"Not enough for me to give up." I said she closed her locker
"Nice try sweetie but my answer stays the same" she said patting my cheek with her hand she turned to walk away when I pulled her back by her waist to face me our bodies close together as well as our faces her breathing heavy from shock her hands planted on my shoulders mie remained on her waist.
Her eyes trailed up my face until they connected with my own eyes.
"When are you picking me up?" She asked I held back a stupid little boy smile and kept my cool
"Around 7" I said
"Make that 7:30" she says winking and getting out of my grip walking down the hall I watched her retreating back never have I felt so lucky in my entire life.
Alison DiLaurentis agreed to go on a date with me.

Authors note

Hi movellians!

I hope you liked the first chapter!
I chose Harry because well he's the ladies man of the group and I chose Alison because personally she's my favorite character on the show.
Thanks or reading!
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