I love you

Dated before Alison's disappearance... (She doesn't disappear in this fan fic)

(Pretty Little Liars & One Direction Fan Fiction)

Life is good for Alison DiLaurentis, her four best friends Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields and Hanna Maron are the most popular girls in school. And The little town the like to call home, Rosewood.
Alison's life changes when she meets a local boy Harry Styles, at age 17 she loved to have boys around but the secret everybody didn't know about Alison was a virgin. Besides her constant weekly boyfriends she still managed to have her virginity. She's never had a serious relationship is they about to change when she meets Harry? Or will he only have those 7 days with Ali?


4. Ignore It

~Harry's POV~

I wake up to Alison facing me
"Morning" she whispers in a sleepy voice the sub was shining in the windows
"Morning" I said
"I think your clothes will be washed wanna wear those since you have nothing else?" She asked I changed before the date so people wouldn't think I wore the same clothes.
"Sure" I'll go check" she said turning to get up
"No, no not yet" I said dragging her back down she giggled as I kissed her she pulled away
"be right back" she said grabbing a pair of pajama shorts on her way out I laid in the bed. I'm the luckiest person alive.
Alison comes back in with all of my clothes right down to the socks and boxers folded in a neat pile.
"My mom left this on top before they left." She said
"Before who left?" I asked
"My parents and my brother" she said
"They left you?" I asked
"Just to go on a little trip for the week" she said
"Why did you stay?" I asked
"Their going somewhere where I can't do anything, no shopping no beaches..." She says she looks at me
"No you" she said pecking my lips I sit up and shake my curls around.
"Lets get ready" she said

---at the school---

Me and Alison walk in the school she's wearing her white wedges, a dark navy blue skirt with frills and a white tight long sleeve shirt tucked in with a couple necklaces to accessorize her hair was hanging loose her bangs weren't up they framed her face. We walked side-by-side down the hall till we reached Alison's locker
"See you at lunch ok?" She said
"Yep" I said she pecked my cheek I turned and walked towards my own locker.


I took a seat next to Alison landing a peck on her cheek she giggled
"Hey Aria how's it going" I greeted Aria who seemed to be the only one there.
"Where's the girls A?" Alison asked Aria. She seemed to call every one by the first letter of their names well not me anymore.
"Um Hanna is at home, Emily is coming she just had to pick up her homework and I don't know where Spencer is.." Aria finishes my friends come and sit down at our table minus Louis.
"Where's Lou?" I asked
"He said he was going to run late" Liam said I nodded.
Suddenly we heard Spencer and Louis' laughs. We all looked in the direction and saw Louis and Spencer walking towards us.
"Since when is that happening?" Aria asked. Emily came in and sat beside me.
"Hey guys sorry I'm late" she said Liam smiled at her. Since when is THAT happening? I asked myself. Spencer and Louis sat down they looked us all over we all raised our brows
"What?" They both ask we all turn away starting up little stupid conversations with one another.
About 5 mintutes later we were all engaged in a regular conversation when the weird girl named Mona came over
"Hey guys!" She said
"If you ignore it, it will go away" Ali says I chuckle beside her she said it towards Zayn who was right across from her he chuckled Mona scampered off and sat at the almost empty nerd table.
I could feel her eyes on us...
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