I love you

Dated before Alison's disappearance... (She doesn't disappear in this fan fic)

(Pretty Little Liars & One Direction Fan Fiction)

Life is good for Alison DiLaurentis, her four best friends Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields and Hanna Maron are the most popular girls in school. And The little town the like to call home, Rosewood.
Alison's life changes when she meets a local boy Harry Styles, at age 17 she loved to have boys around but the secret everybody didn't know about Alison was a virgin. Besides her constant weekly boyfriends she still managed to have her virginity. She's never had a serious relationship is they about to change when she meets Harry? Or will he only have those 7 days with Ali?


5. Are you sure?

~Harry's POV~

3 days later

I pull up to Alison's curb. She leans across the dash board and kisses me. We kiss for about a minute
"Come inside" she said I smiled
"What if your parents see me?" I asked
"Don't worry their still on that stupid trip with Jason..." She says I nod we get out of the car and walk into her house she shuts and locks the door
"Want something to eat?" She asked I nodded.
We made sandwiches and sat on the island and ate them I kissed Alison on he cheek smiling she kissed me in the lips I pulled her closer to me.
I disconnected our lips kissing down her neck as she arched her back.
"Harry" she said I backed away looking at her making eye contact our faces still close.
"I think I should tell you..." She trails off I grab her hands
"What?" I asked
"I-....I'm a virgin" she says I look at her in disbelief no way a girl this beautiful is a virgin.
"That's ok we can stop" I said she put her hand on my knee.
"No" she said I looked back at her
"I want you to be my first..." She said
"You want me to be your first?" I asked
"Yes" she said I nodded I pecked her lips
"Tonight?" I asked
"Yes, tonight there's nothing that could be more special than tonight" she said
"I wish you would have told me I didn't bring anything" I said
"Jason has tons... Don't ask." She said I nodded smiling
"Lets go" she said this was seriously happening.
But I couldn't believe I wasn't a virgin but Alison DiLaurentis is one.
She leads me up the stairs she disappears into Jason's room and come back and hands me the silver packet. We go into her room she shuts her blinds and lights all the candles in her room
We stood in the middle of her room kissing, she pushed my shirt over my head she ran her head up my bare chest I took her top off.

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