I love you

Dated before Alison's disappearance... (She doesn't disappear in this fan fic)

(Pretty Little Liars & One Direction Fan Fiction)

Life is good for Alison DiLaurentis, her four best friends Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields and Hanna Maron are the most popular girls in school. And The little town the like to call home, Rosewood.
Alison's life changes when she meets a local boy Harry Styles, at age 17 she loved to have boys around but the secret everybody didn't know about Alison was a virgin. Besides her constant weekly boyfriends she still managed to have her virginity. She's never had a serious relationship is they about to change when she meets Harry? Or will he only have those 7 days with Ali?


2. 8:00

~Harry's POV~

I turn off my car I waited outside of Alison's house fir the last 10 minutes it is now 7:40.
I get our and walk up to her door. I knock and a preppy looking women answers the door
"Hi I'm here for Alison" I said
"Yeah she up in her room" her mom says with a kind smile I return it with my kindest smile I walk up the stairs and see Alison sitting infront of her mirror her legs folded under her she's wearing a pair of teal skinny jeans her favorite white wedges are on and she has a white shirt that was sleeveless but it covered up her shoulders it was tied up by her stomach exposing It a little bit, in one side of her face she had her bang clipped to the side she was applying mascara when I stood in her door way.
"Hi, sorry I'm running a bit late" she said
"It's ok don't worry about it" I said sitting on her bed.
"I didn't know what to wear so..." She trails off
"No, you look perfect" I said she smiled
"Very sweet of you Harry" Woah she said my whole name.
"Your welcome." I said she was trying to put on a teal flower pendent but she was having trouble
"Can you clip this please Harry?" She asked I walked over and bent to my knees and took all of her thick ringlets and moved them over her right shoulder I took the pendents clips com her small delicate hands and clipped the neck lace around her neck I looked at her in the mirror we made eye contact.
I wasn't going to try and steal a kiss until I felt it was absolutely perfect, this moment felt special but not special enough
"Ready?" I asked standing up and going to sit on her bed again she flicked her ringlets behind her shoulders taking some back to rest on her chest.
"Not just yet" she said smiling at me threw the mirror
"What else do you have to do? You look amazing already. I don't wanna walk in there and have guys drooling all over you." I said she got up and walked towards me standing in the middle of my legs.
"The only person that's going to be drooling tonight darling is you." She said looking into my eyes this felt like a good time to kiss her but I better not. You can never be to sure with Alison DiLaurentis.
I looked at the clock

"Ready?" I asked her
"Just let me get my purse"'she said grabbing a Louis Vuitton pouch.
We walked down her stairs
"Have fun you two" her Mom says
"I'll make sure to get her home safety Mrs.DiLaurentis" I said. We walked out towards my car. The Audi R8
"Wow nice car" Ali said as I opened her door letting her slide into the seat.
"Your not the only privileged kid in this town beautiful" I said winking and shutting her door walking around the front opening my own door.
"So what do you have planned?" She asked as I start the car.
"How about a little trip to the fair?" I asked looking at her grabbing the stick switching the car out of park.
"Sounds like fun" she said seductively, I smirked and pulled away from the curb. She opened her window the wind wipping at her ringlets tossing them around. I drove down the back road towards the fair speeding. Alison kept looking out her window the corners of her mouth curved up.


I slowed as pulled up to the fair. I got out Alison opened her own door I waited for her at the front of the car she came around and walked close to me I built up the courage and put my arm around her waist leaving my hand on her exposed hip. It was a warm summer night the fair sounds and the laughs and screams of people on the rides I saw in the corner of my eye Alison looked up at me a smile on her face.
"What do you wanna go on?" I asked her
"I don't know you pick" she said
"Wanna play some games first?" I asked
"It's up to you Harry. I'm ok with anything" she said.
"How about we start the night by playing some games, C'mon I'll win you a teddy bear" I said going towards a ball toss booth
I let my hand leave Alison's waist
I turn my head and whisper in her ear over the loud noises
"Which one?" I asked she turned her head towards me and looked the bears over
"That one" she said pointing to a big brown teddy bear at the top I smiled
"Ok" I said I paid the man he gave me three balls I threw them getting all of them in
"That one" I said to him pointing to Ali's bear he handed it to me I took it and handed it to Alison she leaned up and kissed my cheek I smiled down at her


I carried Alison's teddy bear to my side as we held hands. We've been here since 8 it's now 10.
"How about we finish the night by going on the Ferris wheel?" I asked her she nodded
"I like that idea" she said I led her towards the light up huge wheel. We got in the line and were let up we out her teddy bear and her purse at the bottom and got in a cart. The ride up was short we stopped at the top due to technical difficulties. It was windy up here. I slid my sweater off my shoulders and wrapped it around Alison. She looked at me. I stroked her cheek
"Your so beautiful" I whispered I kept my hand on her cheek as we leaned in. Our lips connected in a soft kiss the tip of our tongues poking at our bottom lips, I put my hands on her waist as she wrapped hers aprons my neck she tilted her head deepening the kiss. This was a Kodak moment.
Our kiss got deeper causing me to pull her onto my lap she swung her leg over to the other side of my thigh she straddled me as our kiss deepened we started moving and she got off my lap. We looked at each other and looked into each others eyes and couldn't handle anymore we burst out laughing at each other. Once we reached the bottom we got off I told her to keep my sweater on leaving me in my t-shirt. We gathered our things and wads back towards my car.
"I don't wanna go home yet" she said as we got in
"But Ali it's like 10" I said
"My mom doesn't care how late I'm out, I wanna show you so tent keep driving up this road" she told me as I pulled put of the grass parking lot.
"Turn left up her and you'll see it" she said I turned left and stopped the car she got out and I did the same.
"What is this?" I asked
"Rosewood Day" she said sitting on the hood of the car
I turned towards her she smiled at me seductively.
I walked toward her and when I got close to her I kissed her again, her head having to be pointed up because of my taller figure towering over her sitting figure she slowly laid back on the hood as we continued to kiss.
She put her hands up the bottom of my shirt feeling the six bumps of my abs she smiled against my lips. I kept my hands in an apropriate spot I didn't wanna rush things. A loud thunder boom caused us to jolt apart. Before we knew it it started to rain. I pulled the sweater back over Alison's shoulders protecting her from the cold rain
"C'mon were getting soaked" I said
"No wait. Haven't you ever wanted to kiss someone in the rain?" She asked I looked back at her she stood from the hood and walked towards the fenced edge I walked back towards her I got close and we kissed for the third time tonight It was amazing. Ali was amazing. When the dirt found started to get mushy we both finally decided to get in the car and go home. I drove down the roads slower this time not wanting to crash I out the heat on trying to keep Ali warm I looked over at her she smiled and put her hand on top of mine on the stick.
This was the best night of my life.
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