Okay so this is the sequle to truly,madly,deeply. in this one Liam and Arianna have a big surpirse in this one and It gets crazy. I you want to know what happens read the first one then then this one.


3. its born

                                                       Liam POV:

Okay so I got to the hospital I ran in and I saw niall and Arianna she was checking in. I ran over to her.

" What are you doing you know I want a baby" I said

" Liam trust me this is the best Idea" She said

" why" I said

" the baby is'nt your child" she shouts 


" Who" i shout

She then points at Niall as she crys. I was super mad I looked over at him and he smiles and waves. I walk towards him angerly I though a punch at him and then another and then a police comes in and brakes it up.

"Niall how could you, you did it with her you know I love her then she has a baby and then I find out its not my kid" I shout

"listen liam im sorry I should have not done that" he says

I was about to through another punch but I stop my self and walk to the wall and hold my head and look down. I look up and I see the docter take her to the room.

                                               Ariannas POV:

 OKay so the doc took me in and did a bunch of test and said its liams kid and that the baby is died.I walked out and I saw liam walk towards me and asked

" whos kid is it" he said

" yours well it was" I said

" What you mean yours" he says

"It died" i said

" the doc is going to take out the baby now" I say

" okay" he says

                                                            Liam POV: 

Okay so it has been 1 hour i cryed the whole time and then I saw Arianna in a wheelchair come in. I walk over to her. She takes me to the babys room. I thought is she going to show me the dead baby. We walk in and she points at a baby boy.

" Who is that" I ask confused

" Your son" she said while crying

" I thought he died" I asked

" Thats wht the doc thought when they took him out he was alive" I say

" Whats his name"I asked

" Andy james payne" she says

" Not andy horan" I ask

" Nope "she says

I then pick her up and twirl her aroung and then I kiss her. We look at the baby and I think to my self Im very lucky.

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