Okay so this is the sequle to truly,madly,deeply. in this one Liam and Arianna have a big surpirse in this one and It gets crazy. I you want to know what happens read the first one then then this one.


2. finding out

                                                                         Ariannas POV:

Okay so on our way home I prayed that I am not having a baby. Why you say well because when me and liam spilt apart me and niall kinda did it. So ya if i have a baby its not liams child its nialls and when liam finds out hes going to kill niall. 

" Loove are you okay" he asked

" Ya im fine" I said

" So if we are going to have a baby i thought of some names for boys andy, mac and girls bella or ally what you think" he asked

" Those are good names liam for a boy I like Andy and for a girl I like Bella" I said

" Okay" He said

When we got home Iliam opened the door I went start torwards the bathroom. I checked and it sayed positve. Oh gosh what am I going to do.I heard the Niall and lou come in. 

" Uh guys I think im pregnet and I want to get an aborshion" I said quietly so liam wouldnt hear

"What does liam know" they said quietly

" ya" I said

" Im coming with you"  said niall

                                                                                    Liam POV: 

okay so i was going to brush my teeth I went in the bathroom. When I was brushing I saw something in the trash it was a pregnet test thing I looked at it and it said positive. I ran down starts and I saw lou watching TV.

" Lou weres arianna" I said

" Going to the docters to get and aborsion" he said

" what why" I said

" ya" he said

I ran to my car and drove of to go to the hospital.

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