Okay so this is the sequle to truly,madly,deeply. in this one Liam and Arianna have a big surpirse in this one and It gets crazy. I you want to know what happens read the first one then then this one.


1. 1 month

                                                                                            Liam POV:

Okay so it has been a month and one direction had died down so no more concerts so me and Ari have been living in my flat  it has been a while since i  propsed to Arianna and it was alot of fun because we would do it everyday but I think we should stop because If we do it a lot a lot something is going to happen called baby. I would love to have a baby but I dont know. Maybe we should stop. Okay so we went to walmart because Arianna has been throwing up a lot so went to get one of those pregnet test while she did that I  went to the toys. I saw woody and buzz jessie and bullseye I had to get them I went to go buy it and the cashregister asked

" Is this for your kid" 

"uhh ya" I said

I walked out and went to the car and I texted Ari to meet me at the car. I saw her walking to the car.

"hey love" 
I said as she was getting in 

" hi what you get" She said

" nothing" I said 

"liam" She said

" I bought woody buzz jessie and bullseye" I said

"oh Liam lets go" she said


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