The First Chapter Of My Life

This one direction fan fiction is about a girl by the name of Juliette, who is dating Niall Horan. They couldn't be more in love, like a young couple should be. After a while the happiness ends. they quickly realize how hard a relationship like theirs really is. They struggle, they fight yet try to hold on to their amazing true relationship. As the other members of one direction help her out to win niall's forgiveness the other boys charm gets to her. which one will she chose?


9. uh oh

*ding dong* I rang the doorbell to Harry's house. In my favorite blue dress I waited patiently, my long curly brown hair blew in the wind. "Hi" a deep voice intended. "Hey Harry! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I hugged him. Harry was the one who set me up with Niall. He is my best friend he hugged me back, tightly. "Here" I handed him a bag. "I want you to open it now!" I demanded. He opened the bag, pulled out the decorations and his mouth dropped. "Oh my goodness! Look guys it's a stuffed pussy cat!" I smiled. "Yay he likes it." I thought. We had a lot of fun. Niall and I stuck to each other the whole evening. He might of had one to many drinks. "Ugh, I don't feel good." He ran to the bathroom. "Juliette, thank you so much for the amazing gift. I'll cherish it forever." Harry smiled. I knew Harry had a crush on me. He made it so evident. Harry pecked my cheek innocently. "What the hell do you think you're doing with my girlfriend!" Niall barked. " Niall it's ok." I stepped in front of Harry. "That is definitely NOT ok!" He shouted. "Don't do this. Friends kiss each other on the cheek, it's normal I kiss the boys cheeks all the time." I angrily answered back. Niall raged at Harry. Pushing me out of the way. "Who do you think you are trying to kiss the love of MY life!!" He started shoving Harry, pushing him punching. It was going too far. "Niall stop please!!!!" I yelled. "Guys help me get him up!" They boys pulled and finally got Niall off Harry "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" I hollered. The heavy smell of alcohol filled the room. "He kissed you!" Niall was   Infuriated. Holding his beer bottle he streaked it on the floor. "OWW" I yelled. Looking down I see blood flowing down my leg. Running out into the pouring rain I grabbed my scarf, i sat at the nearest park bench and soaked the blood of my deep cut with my scarf. i heard my name being called numerous times. "JULIETTE!!!!" a dark figure appeared. It was Liam. " what happened why aren't you with Niall and Harry? Are they okay?" The inner girlfriend in me had come out. " They refuse to talk let alone look at each other."                                           

 "Shit" it caused me to curse under my own breath. "Can i see what happened to you?" Liam pleaded. I lifted the scarf showing my cut still deep with glass. " ew. That can get infected. Do you wanna come over ? My mother is a doctor, she can fix it." " umm, ya. Yes. I'd love to. But i want to talk to Niall." "i'm pretty sure he wants to talk to you too. Let's go." i tied the scarf onto my cut. Liam picked me up bridal style. Awkward. I swung Harry's door open. "Niall we need to" Niall looked at the ground like an 8 year old after their mother would scream at them. He walked over dragging his arms down low. i grabbed his hand. "come with me." soon enough i was at the park bench for the second time. Nandos was still at Harry's house. I was a bit worried. "okay. I love you with all my heart Niall. you are the best thing that's ever happened to me, why would you think I would let Harry kiss me? Because i knew it was nothing." " Harry has a crush on you Juliette." " Oh, i know that. I love you Niall, when your sober call me. i'm going to Liam's house." i got up and walked away. "wait! Juliette!" i turned around my long hair was drenched as Niall walked towards me. "At least let me see what i did to you." i untied the scarf from my leg and showed him my wound. "i'm so mortified, i owe you a huge apology." "I'll be home later on. Liam will drive you home. Like i said i'm going to his flat so his mum can fix my cut." i led on. It was ok with Niall. "So you will apologize to Harry?" "anything for you." "We arrived at Harry's house for the last time that night still soaking wet. " Harry i am so sorry. I just have talked to you first before jumping to conclusions. I should have been more empathetic.

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