The First Chapter Of My Life

This one direction fan fiction is about a girl by the name of Juliette, who is dating Niall Horan. They couldn't be more in love, like a young couple should be. After a while the happiness ends. they quickly realize how hard a relationship like theirs really is. They struggle, they fight yet try to hold on to their amazing true relationship. As the other members of one direction help her out to win niall's forgiveness the other boys charm gets to her. which one will she chose?


7. the fun is over


"we sure got a beautiful night." i babbled *niall nodded his head scarcely* "ok i'm fed up with this! Why aren't you speaking to me. am i that bothersome?" i questioned "that's just it you are the exact opposite. You are beautiful, pleasant to be around, smart, sweet, caring and simply flawless, i'm rattled to the bones i'll lose you." "Niall" l squealed "every time you perform or see your fans i get nervous, to be honest i tremble in my own skin. There are so many beautiful girls out there and at moments i think to myself what would a girl like me be doing with a guy like him. are you just the underdog who finally got the girl? Do you make every girl fall in love with you then kick her out? how do i know you truly love me for me?"     " let's go somewhere more private" he begged "fine" we returned to our hotel room. As he walked in the room I slammed the door behind him "what makes you think I don't care about you?" He emphasized "you always blow me off for other things!" I answered "Juliette,  believe me. I love you." He pleaded. He tried to grab my hand but I pulled away. "I kind of believe you Niall, you get me everything that's what makes me believe you're trying to buy my love." I pointed out.  He went silent. I rolled my eyes, opened the door to the hotel room as I walked out I turned and glanced at Niall. A tear rolled down my eye when he asked where I was going I responded "it's 12:00 you have 30 minutes , times ticking." I ran out. Niall swung the door open, looked back and fourth to try to find me. Little did he know I was long gone. I approached the lobby feeling very depressed. I wiped my tears on my sleeve. I was heartbroken I couldn't even rattle up two words "w-w-what n-n-n-now" stuttered to myself.
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