The First Chapter Of My Life

This one direction fan fiction is about a girl by the name of Juliette, who is dating Niall Horan. They couldn't be more in love, like a young couple should be. After a while the happiness ends. they quickly realize how hard a relationship like theirs really is. They struggle, they fight yet try to hold on to their amazing true relationship. As the other members of one direction help her out to win niall's forgiveness the other boys charm gets to her. which one will she chose?


1. Surprise!


 I woke up early in the morning and to my surprise I saw Niall. Awake and staring at me with his sparkly blue eyes. I pushed myself up and asked "why are you up so early?" He didn't say a word. from behind he pulled out a petite box wrapped with my favorite color of wrapping paper, green. He screamed "happy 1 year anniversary!" I was heartbroken , with my mouth wide open I explained "Niall I am so very sorry I completely forgot about our annivers..." "Juliette you're my girlfriend. If you forget something it won't be a big deal." He said cutting me off ."now go ahead and open your gift." he declared as he pushed my chin up slowly and looked into my eyes . I ripped the wrapping off and saw a blue leather box. As I opened it my hands were tingling with excitement."Oh my gosh Niall you got me diamond earrings ! I can't except these unless I make it up to you!" My eyes started watering. "I hate to see you cry love." Kissing me on the forehead he holds me tightly in his caring arms . Hearing his heart beat I whisper "why do you do so much for me I'm just an ordinary girl" " You're not to me, to me you are smart, beautiful and simply amazing . But sweetheart that's not the only surprise I have for you."" Niall I didn't even need one gift yet you got me two!!! I whined "Juliette you deserve everything you're about to get, so for our anniversary I'm taking you away from here and we are going to the one place where magic really does exist .... Paris." " NIALL!!!" I screamed in shock.

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