The First Chapter Of My Life

This one direction fan fiction is about a girl by the name of Juliette, who is dating Niall Horan. They couldn't be more in love, like a young couple should be. After a while the happiness ends. they quickly realize how hard a relationship like theirs really is. They struggle, they fight yet try to hold on to their amazing true relationship. As the other members of one direction help her out to win niall's forgiveness the other boys charm gets to her. which one will she chose?


8. now what?


I was lost. I walked around the area and found myself at the fair. It made me sob even more. I tried to amuse myself so the first thing I went to was the bumper cars. I knew in my heart I missed Niall. I had to go back to him I had to apologize. I took a taxi back to the hotel, grabbed my key from my purse "god please let Niall forgive me" as I walked through the door  Niall was sprawled on the bed whimpering to himself as he was eating a twix bar. "I can't lose her I just can't" "Niall?" I looked at him in despair "Juliette.... JULIETTE! I'm so happy you came back I thought I lost you." "You will never lose me" I expressed. I didn't even know why I left. But it didn't matter, all that mattered was that Niall was there waiting for me. We were okay. I lay in the bed next to Niall we were leaving tomorrow night for Harry's birthday I hope he likes his gift. I closed my eyes and lay happily in Niall's arms. I turned myself towards his face carefully, looked at him and finally kissed him goodnight "love you Niall" I whispered. I leaned my head on his chest because I felt safe with him. In the morning Niall had woke up as flawlessly as ever. He spoke to me in a very sleepy voice. Which was really sexy "good morning beautiful" "good morning my lovely." I answered "what do you want to do today" Niall asked  "I don't know what do you have in mind?" "I was thinking we could just relax and play Xbox." He added. I nodded my head smiling. It sounded like the perfect day. While we play Xbox we get very competitive. We would lean on each other occasionally but we would mostly scream and shout. "HA I win" I laughed "oh this isn't over"  "I believe it is." I speculated. Time went by so fast before we knew it 2:00 had arrived. "Let's pack" I said i packed slowly so I could remember my time in Paris. Niall grabbed my waist "princess the gift I got Harry is from both of us okay?" " I don't know what you think but I got Harry a little something. Who is going anyway?" I questioned "just the boys, you and me." He replied. I was the only girl, once again. The boys and I have developed a close bond so I'm used to being around them. Niall linked his hand in mine "time to go cupcake" I felt better than ever. Niall and I grabbed a cab to the airport. We walked in the airport, and in a blink of an eye fans bombarded Niall and I. Asking for autographs and pulling Niall's clothes. Luckily security came and let us go. We walked on the plane I stood fairly close to Niall "you okay Jules?" Niall verbalized.  I shook my head. " I'm a little frightened" " it's alright I'm here I will never take my eyes off you." He came closer to me and my put his arm around my hips. He sat next to me on the plane, we giggled, ate and slept throughout the ride. We finally arrived home just in time for Harry's party. luckily Niall and I were ready for the party. He always holds my hand. I liked it, I always did.

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