The First Chapter Of My Life

This one direction fan fiction is about a girl by the name of Juliette, who is dating Niall Horan. They couldn't be more in love, like a young couple should be. After a while the happiness ends. they quickly realize how hard a relationship like theirs really is. They struggle, they fight yet try to hold on to their amazing true relationship. As the other members of one direction help her out to win niall's forgiveness the other boys charm gets to her. which one will she chose?


6. Fun time

"well i'm giving it to you anyway" i uttered. I whistled so that the puppy can walk in the room. as he started to come in the room he tumbled so i went to pick him up and bring him to Niall. "oh my, that is the cutest puppy i have ever seen" he summoned. I put the puppy down as Niall took another step closer to me, held my hand tightly and i knew he was about to kiss me so i leaned in and closed my eyes. We had finally had an ambitious kiss like i had always wanted. we have kissed before, but never so concupiscent. pulling out of the kiss i asked "so i'm guessing you like the puppy?" "are you kidding?  this is the second most amazing gift i could ever receive." he answered. "what's the first?" i questioned "the best gift i ever received was when you came into my life and brightened up my world I love you Juliette" he smiled. after saying those 3 little words he smiled like a smile i had never seen before. his eyes glowed when he gazed at me, that was the moment i knew he loved me for who i was on the inside not just my appearance. i kissed him and i wanted to say forever lost in his eyes. " i love you more than life." we both told each other at the same time like we were in-synced. that night there was a midnight fair called "le plaisir d'amour" the midnight fair happens once a year in Paris where a couple goes to a fair in till midnight. when the clock strikes 12:00 the female has to go to her favorite place in the fair and if her boyfriend finds her before 12:30 he truly loves and knows her. i thought it would be a great opportunity so i asked Niall if we could go no matter the turn out i knew he cared about me.He thought it was a splendid idea. Naturally we arrived at the fair early so we could spend time together.With our new puppy Nandos on a leash we started to walk. From Niall holding my hand to separating away from me i couldn't help but be apprehensive.

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