Let Me Love You

Zoe Mendez and Alondra Castro are bestfriends and have an abusive family. They run away from their old life to make a better ones for themselve. What will happen when they meet One Direction?
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2. Chapter Two

Zoe's POV

I was sleeping, I honestly hadn't slept in a couple of days because well I was afraid that my parents would crack and come and kill me. I just got paranoid. My parents names are Miriam and Alex, we used to be probably happiest family on Earth but they got introduced to drugs and from there, everything changed.

Alondra's parents are named Grecia and Freddy. They were just like us, happy and living life, I will never do drugs. I will never follow my parents footsteps.

I woke up still tired and I looked over and saw Alondra sound asleep. The plane was landing in about 10 minutes. I tapped Alondra on the shoulder. She groaned and fluttered her eyes open.

"We're getting off in a few" I whispered. She nodded and stratched. I've been more on the shy side but I am not completely shy. Alondra was more out there and not shy at all. She is very, outgoing.

The plane landed and we started getting off. "We should prob-" I got cut off and fell to the ground. I then realized I bumped into someone. I hit my head and groaned. I looked up and saw a light skinned boy with a beanie and sunglasses.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry" he said as he knelt down. "I am fine" I smiled. I then felt like my whole chest was burning, it hurt. I looked down and noticed he spilled all his tea on me. "Ow. Ow. Ow" I squealed. "Oh my god. Her let me buy you a shirt. Okay?" he asked. "No, I am fine I just ne-" he cut me off, "No, I am buying you a shirt okay? Okay" he said and grabbed my hand and took me outside.

We went outside and saw a limo. I looked at Alondra and we were both wide eyed. "I will take you to the mall alright?" he said. We nodded and got in the car. Moments later we arrived at a nice casual mall. We got out and he lead us to Forever 21. I gasped.

"No Sir, we could go somewhere else y'know? This is expensive, all you did was spill tea" I said, he smiled and grabbed our hands and took us in. "Grab a shirt love" he said in his.. attractive accent.

I walked in and grabbed a Ditzy Faux Collared Shirt. It matched with my black TOMS and black high waist shorts. He got Alondra a Tank Top. She refused at first but then got defeated.

"Here I'll take you home. Where do you live?" he asked. "Em, may I ask who you are first" Alondra said. wow, she was actually shy. "My name is Liam. Liam Payne" he said proudly. "Aren't you like... Famous?" I said slowly. He nodded. "Oh, well thanks for everything. And we are actually staying at 'The Mountain' hotel. Do you happnen to know where that is?" I asked. "Actually I am staying there too" he smiled as he held up his hand for a high five.

I giggled. The car came to a stop and we arrived at a big hotel. I walk in and go to the front desk. "Hi, I got a room for Zoe Mendez?" I said as she typed on her little computer. "Room 113 on the 12th floor" she said and handed us two cards. I got the hotel for 3 weeks. Yep, I am that smart.

I thanked her and walked to Alondra and Liam. "Thank you for taking us here. Honestly." I said. "Anytime, hey what room are you in" he asked. "113 on the 12th floor" I replied. "Cool. i am 112, we should hangout. You know you gals, and some of they boys' girlfriends plus mine, and the boys?" he asked. "Yeah, sure. Come to my room whenever." I said with a smile.

"Or I could give you my number" he said. "Yeah sure" I gave him my phone and he put his number. "Thanks" and with that we walked to the elevator.


"So he's in a band called One Direction and he has a girlfriend named Danielle Peazer. She is hella gorgeous" Alondra said as she read from the laptop. I laughed, "stalker much?" I said. "Oh shut up. I just wanted to make sure he wasn't, y'know a crazy person" she said.

"I am so glad we moved. I couldn't stand them" she said jumping onto the bed. "me too"

Then we drifted off to sleep.





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