Let Me Love You

Zoe Mendez and Alondra Castro are bestfriends and have an abusive family. They run away from their old life to make a better ones for themselve. What will happen when they meet One Direction?
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3. Chapter Three

Alondra's POV

I woke up around 6am. I looked over to the bed next to me and saw Zoe snuggled up in her blankets. I looked around the room and saw a window, mini fridge, snacks, a 48 inch Flat Screen TV. Wow, the things money can buy. I knew she got the most expensive one because of her dads credit card.

I got out of bed and went into the shower. I played Justin Biebers 'Believe' album Accoustic Version. I washed and conditioned my hair. After my shower I blow dried my hair. My phone started ringing.

"Hello?" I asked.

"ALONDRA CASTRO WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU! GET HOME THIS FUCKING INSTANT BEFORE I FUCKING KILL YOU" It sounded like my dad. "No" I said quickly then hung up. I cannot let him find me again. I just can't. I need a new phone. So does Zoe.

I got a pink over sized tee with white shorts and pink flats. I walk out and Zoe is still sleeping like an angel, whatever. I walked out of the room. If she is going to be sleeping I am going to be eating. I walked around the corner and bumped into someone. Great. First Zoe now me?

"Oh I am sorry" the stange boy said. I look up and he had brown and blonde hair, it was mostly brown, he also had white braces. He was very attractive, like a lot. He had an Irish accent, this must be Niall?

"It's fine" I said. He nodded then asked "Em, your new here?" I nodded. "Yeah, I am from Austalia but I moved to America to here" I said quickly. "Ah, I see. Where ya headin?" he asked. Gosh this boy is a nosy one eh?

"Um, actually, I was kinda hungry and I was going to find some place to eat" I said. "Here I'll take you. Me and the boys were about to get some Nandos. Care to join?" he asked sweetly. "Em, sure but can I get my friend? She'll be worried about me?" he nodded and we walked back to the rooms. "So you are the girls next to us? Liam told us 'bout you" I smiled. I nodded and said, "Well just knock when your ready." he nodded and left.

"Zoe! Ge-" i got cut off by Zoe. She laughed and pointed, "Don't trip I am already ready." and she was. She was wearing light blue skinny jeans with a grey hoodie and black convers. Her hair was straighted and she had pink lip gloss on. "How'd you get ready that fast?" I asked shocked. She was the longer one to get ready.

"Well, when you were taking a shower listening to Justin sing I decided to get ready and see if you'd leave me or not. You little bitch" she playfully screamed and jumped on me tickling me. "Knock KNock" and irish, I look up and he had a smirk on his face. Zoe got off and walked over to him.

"Hello Stranger, what in the world are you doing in our room and who are you?" she asked a little amused. "Well, Stranger, I am Niall Horan. I met with your friend Alondra. We we're going to go out for lunch and I asked her to join and she said she was going to get you. And Alondra you should really close your door, love" I blushed a little.

"Well, then I guess we shall go" she said. We laughed and walked out and were greeted by 4 very attractive boys.

"I am Harry" one with curly hair and green eyes said.

"I am Louis" on with light brown hair said.

"I am Liam"

"I am Niall"

"I'm Zayn and we are" he paused

"ONE DIRECTION" they all said in unsion. Me and Zoe started laughing. I looked at Zoe and she had a sparkle in her eye. Something I haven't seen since I first met her. She was happy for the first time in a long time, but I know her too well. Someone caught her eye.... Louis? No he's has a girlfriend, can't be Liam, or Zayn because he's with Perrie. I did research alright? And I heard about it back in America. It's either Niall or Harry.

I realized I was staring at Zoe for a long time with Im guessing a funny face. I looked at the boys and they were all staring at me.

"Shall we go" Louis spoke. I nodded and grabbed Zoe's arm. "Why were you staring at me?" she asked. I shrugged, "I don't know" I lied.



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