Let Me Love You

Zoe Mendez and Alondra Castro are bestfriends and have an abusive family. They run away from their old life to make a better ones for themselve. What will happen when they meet One Direction?
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6. Chapter Six

Alondra's POV

After Harry left I looked out the door and saw him go in my room. I felt bad kissing Harry, I knew Zoe had a thing for him and I'm pretty sure Harry did too. And I didn't really like Harry, I liked Niall more. He is cute, the way his ocean eyes stare into you, his pink plump lips, his laugh. Gosh.

I looked aroud and saw Louis smiling at something, "Why you smiling you dork" I said as I threw a pillow at him. "Harry has a thing for Zoe and he;s not really going to the gym!" he yelled. "Do you like Harry?" Niall asked. I shook my head, "No, he's not my type." "We should go to the movies!" Zayn shouted. "Yeah. I'll go get Zoe and Harold" Niall said, "I'll come" I said.

As we walked out the room we went up to the door I put my finger over my lips signalling Niall to be quiet. I pressed my head to the door.

"I'd like to take you out on a date. Can I?" I heard Harry say. There was mumbling then silence.Woah, what's going on in there? Suddenly the boys came out of the room and banged on the door and when Zoe answered they all went inside.

"C'mon, we're going to the movies!" Niall yelled. "I can't. I have to buy Alondra and Zoe a new phone." Harry said, "What?" I asked confused. "I told him and he doesn't want our parents to find us. He didn't take no for an answer" Zoe explained. "Have Paul do it!" Liam said. "Oh yeah huh? Haha, okay but we have to be back before 8." Harry said. We nodded and went to the movies.


Zoe's POV

Wow. Today was, eventful. Harry kissed me, and he's taking me on a date. Maybe he is worth my time... I had got my phone which was a black iPhone 5 and Alondra got a White one.

"Go get ready, Love. Wear something nice and pretty. Be ready by 8:30 and meet me in the loby." he said. I looked at my phone and it was 7:13. Shit.

I ran to my room and quckly undressed and got into the shower. I got out and brought out a light blue Pocket Shirt Dress that went just above my knees, I put on some white pumps that were actually Alondra's. I curled my hair and braided two strands of my hair from the left side of my temple and did the same to the right and conected them from the back with a White Bow Clip.

I checked the time and it was 8:25. Shoot. I walked out of the restroom and Alondra was sleeping.

I walked to the elevator. I suddednly got really nervous. As the elevator door opened I saw Harry standing there with a a red rose. I blushed and walked towards him.

"Awh, they're lovely. Thank you Harry" I said and gave him a hug.


"It's lovely!" I said. After we went to dinner he took my to a park near by. I got to learn a lot about him and he learned about me. We had a blast. "Glad you think so Beautiful" I blushed.

"You look stunning tonight. Wow" he said, again I felt my cheeks getting red. "Thanks" I mummbled.

"So did you ever see Louis when you were younger since you lived in Doncaster?" he asked. "Honestly, he looks familiar but I'm not sure if that's because I saw him when I was younger or becuase I saw him on tv" I laughed. "Yeah, listen, you are an amazing, wonderful, and beautiful girl. And I really enjoyed tonight. Mind if we do this some other time?" he asked taking my hands in his.

That's when I heard a camera go off. Honestly I didn't care. I nodded and smiled, he hugged me and kissed my cheek. "Wonderful" I heard him say as he intertwined our fingers.We started walking to his car. Fans saw him while we were at dinner and gave me a death glare which of course I ignored.

Once we got to the hotel her walked me up to my room and stoof their before saying, "This was honestly the best date I've had" he confessed, I giggled. "Well goodnight" I said, he leaned down and gave me a peck on my cheek. "Goodnight Beautiful" he said then I opened my room and went in.

Best Date Ever.....

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