Let Me Love You

Zoe Mendez and Alondra Castro are bestfriends and have an abusive family. They run away from their old life to make a better ones for themselve. What will happen when they meet One Direction?
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7. Chapter Seven

Zoe's POV

I woke up and checked the time; 10:38. I got up and saw Alondra on her phone. I threw a pillow at her, "What's up?" she said, "I am not going to be staying in a hotel for the rest of my life. Let's go look for a house or flat." I said going to the restroom going to take a shower.

After my shower I put on Black Highwaist Pants with a white tank top tucked in and a black cardigan. With my hair I put it in a neat Pony Tail. I walked out and saw the boys in the room with Alondra sitting on Nialls lap, Hmm.

"Oh, hey" I said. "Hey, so we heard you're going to look for a house. Well, we are here to help! c'mon let's go house huntin'" Louis shouted.

"Em, okay then." I then put on my black Vans. I got my phone and walked to the boys.

"Ready?" Niall asked, I nodded.


"This place it amazing!" I exclaimed. It was our third house we've been to. This house had 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a pool, a hobby room, living room, kitchen. It was two stories. Two bedrooms up stairs and two bedrooms down stairs. It was in a nice nieghborhood. And it already had furniture.

"We thought you might like it" they boys said, I looked at them confused, "What do you mean?" Alondra asked.

"Well, we just happened to own this house and the one next door." Louis said. "Wait, you own this house? Then why are we here?" I asked.

"This is your house now! We owned it and now we are giving it to you!" Zayn screamed.

"What? N-" I got cut off, "Take it or leave it" Liam said.

"Fine! But not 'til 3 weeks. That's how long we got the hotel. And I will take all of us out to dinner tomorrow." Alondra said.

"Let's go back to the hotel" Harry said. "Yeah" I agreed.

Once we got to the hotel parking lot Harry grabbed my hand once everyone got out.

"What ha-" he cut me off by kissing me, passionately. I put my arms around his neck. He was now in the middle of my legs. He started grinding his cratch into mine. I felt the budge in his jeans grow. I smiled. He then, released a throaty groan. He then pulled away and smiled at me, "Sorry, I had to do that" he whispered into my neck as he started nibbling on my earlobe. My lips parted a little.

He got off of me and helped me up. I looked out the window and saw all the boys and Alondra staring into the window.

"Harry, can the see us?" I asked, my voice in a whisper. His eyes widen, "Nosy basterards" he groaned which made me giggle.

We got out of the car and everyone smiled at us. "Go" Harry ordered them. Once they left Harry grabbed my hands. His were so much bigger than mine.

"Be mine" he started, "I know this is happening really fast but I have feelings for you. You are different than all the other girls, be mine. Be my beautiful, caring, and  loving girlfriend" He said. I smiled and hugged him, "Of course Harry" I whispered into his chest.



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