Let Me Love You

Zoe Mendez and Alondra Castro are bestfriends and have an abusive family. They run away from their old life to make a better ones for themselve. What will happen when they meet One Direction?
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1. Chapter One

Zoe's P.O.V

Hello, I should probabaly introduce myslef, huh? Well my name is Zoe Mendez I live in America with my Mum and my Dad. I used to live in Manchestar but my parents moved. I have brown wavy hair that is cut in layers. I am about 5'7. I have a bestfriend named Alondra Castro. Me and her are like Peas in a Pot. I love her to death. We never fight because, well, there is honestly nothing to fight about. Me and her look alike, very much alike accept she has Hazel eyes and I have brown. Oh yeah, we both have abusive parents. Although they just hit and yell at us, they never cut us and whatnot, I hate it here. They are going to crack one day.

I was on my laptop on Facebook talking to Alondra.

'Hey Boo, what's up?' she said.

'Nothing, they are not home right now. They're probably smoking or something. They should be here any moment' And just like i said the door burts open. 'They're here, bye'

"What the fuck? Were you talking to that whore Alondra?" my mom asked, clearly high and drunk.

"She's not a whore, and yes I was talking to Alondra" I said through my teeth. She came closer and raised her hand and slapped me across my face; I got bitch slapped."Don't cuss slut!" she screamed in my face. I nodded, she scoffed and left. My dad came in and started yelling shit I couldn't even understand. He noticed I wasn't listening and punched me in my face, I groaned. He started kicking me and punching me, because he did drugs and stuff he wasn't the strongest, his punched were like... girl punches. I smirked.

"Since your such slut" he paused and smirked "Undress now" he demanded. I stood there, unable to move. Was my dad going to rape me? Oh hell nah. He got unpatient and started taking my shirt off, I panicked and grabbed the clostest thing to me; a glass vase. I hit his head and he passed out. I knew my mother went to the basement where she does her 'business', mostly touch herself and drugs.

I grabbed my big black bag. I packed clothes, my laptop, charger, girl things, ipod, blacket, and my life savings; about $1900. I went to my dads pocket and got more money. I have $2500 now. More money. I know that's alot but Im planning on living far away from here. I got his credit card and quickly bought two plane tickets to London. Yes, I am that smart I haven't spent my money, yet. I then got us a room at a hotel, still with his credit card. I got his check but and wrote $2,000. I knew how to do his signature so writing a check wasn't a problem. I get outside and run to Alondra's house. I put my bag by a bush and go to the porch and knock. Alondra's dad opens the door.

Total: $4,500

"Hey Zoe" he cheered. He liked me, he was the least abusive, all he did was yell at Alondra. Her parents weren't as bad as mine but still abusive. "I need to speak to Alondra, is that okay?" I asked politely. he nodded and I ran to her room. I burst the door open and saw Alondra was crying. I hugged her, "What happened?" I asked. "My dad almost raped me but he stopped because you came, thank you!" she sobbed.

"My dad was about to rape me too. I hit him with a vase." I said as I closed the door. I then whispered, "Get a bag ready. we are leaving. I for sure am not going back, it's either we move to London or you stay here and get raped. I bought the two plane tickets for us with my dads credit card and I also got us a hotel. Get more money if you can" I said. She nodded and packed everything she needed.

"I'm going to write myself a check and get all my money from my bank account" she said, I nodded. Speaking of that I need to get my money too. She wrote herself a check and we walked out of the house and as soon as we reached to corner we ran to the nearest bank.


Our current total was $10,000. not bad. We saved up because we knew a day like this would come. We got on the plan and luckily fell asleep.



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