I used to be Louis Tomlinson's best friend, till he auditioned for "The X-Factor" I'm now 20 years old. I live my life as a paparazzi. When I'm sent to take pictures of One Direction on vacation, will Louis remember me?


1. The Project

"Isabelle!" My boss Tori yelled. "Yes, Tori?" "I have a new job for you..." Her voice fading as she walked to her office. "Yes. Okay. Uh what exactly is it?" I asked while changing the lens on my camera. "You have to take pictures of One Direction on vacation." She replied. "Uh, okay. What city?" I asked curiously. "Uh let me check." Tori said walking towards a box full of files. "Ah. The wonderful city of London." Tori said showing her perfectly white teeth. "Wait isn't that in England?!" I asked. "Yes," Tori said now with one of her award winning fake smiles. She was getting mad at me. I can tell. Her smile showed happiness but her eyes shown anger. "Okay. When do I leave?" I sighed. "Tonight at 8:30." She squealed like she was a 7 year old meeting Miley Cyrus. "Okay," I said while rolling my eyes. "Oh yeah! I almost forgot; you will need to train Autumn and take her with you. Teach her the basics, you know like the 'Do's and Don'ts' right? Okay!" She said happily but i  could tell she was getting annoyed with me. Well at least Autumn is my best friend! I wonder what will happen. But most importantly will Louis remember me? **Flashback** "Isabelle! Guess what?!" Louis asked. "Uh what?" I replied playing with his hair. "I'm going to be auditioning for 'The X-Factor'!" He replied hugging me. "OH MY GOD! REALLY?!" I almost yelled. "Yes! I can't wait! But one thing..." Louis said starting to sound sad. "What is it Boo-Bear?" I asked worriedly. "If i do make it, I will be moving to London." He said frowning. "WHAT?!" I yelled tears forming in my eyes. I looked at Louis and he was about to cry too. So that's what we did. Cry for a good 10 minutes. "But you can't move!" I said wiping away tears. "I don't know for sure Izzy." (My nickname) "But you are the best singer in the world! Of course they will say yes to you!" I said sadly. "But we both know how Simon could be," Louis said giggling. "Yeah, i know." I said smiling. "But what if they do say yes? You are my only friend! I will be bullied again." I said. Louis looked at me worried his smile fading. "You can't start again." He looked serious now. When he says 'start' he means to start to cut again. Yes I cut well used to, and Louis was the only one who noticed. I started because i would be bullied and abused by classmates. He got me stop by comforting me and protecting me. We would always hangout till he left to London. I guess him and his mates like it in London. **Present Time**   Text To: Bubbles ;): "Hey gurl guess what? I will be training you! We will be leaving at 8:30 tonight so get your best camera! We will be taking pictures of One Direction on vacation! :) XX- Izzy <3" and send. #Beep!# From: Bubbles (Her Nickname) 
"OH MY FUCKING GOD REALLY?! CAN'T WAIT! :) Better get to packing!" Fuck. I need to pack. "Uh, Tori?" I asked nervously she might be in her grouchy mood. "Yes?" She asked. Happily. Huh, interesting. "How long do me and Autumn have to stay in London?" I asked. "Ah. Hmmm. 5 days. Seem alright with you?" Wow! Even more interesting she was actually asking me something. Nicely. "Uh. Perfect! Um may we stay for a week?" I asked. "Yes! great idea! more pictures, more money, most importantly a bigger paycheck for you!" 

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