Isn't she lovely?

(Read the story to find out)


1. You're too late, I'm already torn..

Harry's point of view..

I swear that the boys are trying to kill me emotionally. I mean, just last night, El and Lou were hooking up on the couch, not to the full extent of know..having it, but they were pretty damn close. They claimed. because they hadnt seen each other in like, one week, (because of rehearsels and stuff), that they had to. More like they were trying to make me upset because they know that Helena had just dumped me, because she was afraid that I was cheating on her with some Minnicent chick.

Ugh, she knows I wouldnt cheat, I love her too much, but some of the haters had her convinced of that, so she dumped me and blocked me on twiiter, myspace, facebook and even my I couldnt even call her or text her to explain why this has happened.

Liam walks in with Danielle, and I grin at her,"hows the ten point two ince payne train working out for you?" She rolls her eyes and tosses her hair,"Im the one that does the working out, curls. Get over it. By the way, I've got someone I think you should meet. I know your not looking to move on from Helly, but at least try and be nice for a few hours while me and Liam..uhm..go train riding?"

I laugh so hard it hurts,"have fun, oh and show her in, a friend could be good right now." Danielle tosses her hair again and says,"you can come in now Abs, he promised to be nice."

A girl with long brown hair, tanned skin, green eyes, and nice books walks in. She wears a green skirt, white shirt, and small black shoes,"Hi, im abbie. I'm Danielle's friend." I smile politely and hold my hand out to her,"Im harry styles and I'm nineteen."

Abbs smiles, she has a nice smile. Danielle and Liam head up to the bedroom, and instantly I know that they are trying to hook me up with this girl. She's beautiful, and all three of us know it. Grr. It wont work, she'll probably just want to be friends anyway, after all, I'm only Harry Edward styles, the heard throb from One direction.



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