Truly, madly, deeply

Molly is an ordinary 14 year old girl who has a huge crush on one directions harry styles. Molly lives in Ontario Canada. When one direction go's on their world tour she has tickets to their concert what will happen to Molly's love life? Will she fall in love this summer?


4. Walk

I walked out the front door and onto the street. As i walked down the street i ran into my other best friend maya. She was wearing a cute flowy top that looked amazing on her, with dark wash skinny jeans, and come high top convers. We were best friends ever since middle school (or junior high) we did everything together. My thoughts were interrupted by Maya "Omg is that really you? Molly?!!" We ran up to each other and gave each other a warm hug.

"So how have u been?" Maya asked while we walk down the street
"Great, i have missed you!! Also im going to the One Direction concert on Saturday! Oh and I HAVE VIP TICKETS !!! Oh and im going with Zoë!"
"NO, way! I haven't seen her in forever! And i have VIP tickets to!!! OMG all see u there"

I chose not to go to the store and parted from maya, switching numbers and i walked off , happy we met up.
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