Truly, madly, deeply

Molly is an ordinary 14 year old girl who has a huge crush on one directions harry styles. Molly lives in Ontario Canada. When one direction go's on their world tour she has tickets to their concert what will happen to Molly's love life? Will she fall in love this summer?


9. truth or dare...

Maya's POV:

we kept just staring at eachother, he was the most beautiful man you will ever see, he had curly chest nut brown and and green eyes that could take you into a world, i couldnt stop staring. finally i walked up to him and started talking "Hey, im Maya" he just kept staring for a bit and then said "hello love, im harry styles" "i know! I love you so much" "thank you and can i just say you are the most beautiful girl ive ever seen" i giggled and blushed like crazy, i was fan girling inside but did me best to hide it. i looked over to Molly and Niall they seemed to be hitting it off. then out of no where Harry picked me up into his giant arms and hugged me he gave me the biggest hug, it was so comforting like all my problems were just taken away. I looked into his dazzling eyes and he looked into mine, "i like you Maya" said Harry "i like you too"


Louis POV

after the concert me liam and zayn started having a converstation about the 3 girls in the front row and how they were so beautiful one with long ginger hair and brown eyes, one with brown long hair and brown eyes and the last one with long blond hair and blue eyes. i know i have a girlfriend but the one with blond hair really stands out to me shes beautiful but i cant think about that i have my eleanor. After Niall walked up to us i decided i would go greet the ginger one and the blond one. "hey loves, whats your names?" i asked the blond one started freaking out but the ginger one stayed strong, "im Molly and this is Zoe she is obsessed with you but she has a boyfriend, and over there thats Maya." she said piont over to the brunette hitting it off with my boo bear, "such lovely names! how old are you guys?" "well, zoe turned 15 this month and i turned 15 on tuesday same with maya." "well happy birthday Molly!" i said hugging her she the  mumbled "thankyou"  "lets go hang out in the tv room!" i yelled to everyone they all got up and walked with me and Molly into the room. i could already tell that me and Molly were going to be good friends.


Molly's POV

we walked into the room as Louis suggested. Louis was nicer than he seemed on interviews he was hilarious i knew we would be really good friends. "hey mo mo? can i call you that?" "yah sure lou lou hahaha" i said hugging him another time. Then out of the coorner of my eye  i saw Niall all mad what was his problem? he walked over to us and hugged me in one of his amazing comforting Horan hugs, he smelled so good! i sighed like everyone of my problems was swept away. i liked this guy he was so kind and attractive, oh how he was attractive. when we let go i was sad he was so comforting then he grabbed my hand and brought me to the couch. then Louis called "lets play truth or dare! if you dont want to you have no choice!" then me, zoe and maya burst out laughing, in middle school we got truth or dare banned because we made it to old for us to be playing. "what?" louis asked confused "nothing inside joke lou lou" "oh ok" he said we were all sitting on the floor in a circle me next to nialler and lou next to lou zoe and next to zoe liam then zayn, harry and next to niall was Maya. "ill go first" louis annonced "Mol mol truth or dare?" "dare!" "i dare you to switch clothes with nialler for 2 rounds!" "ok!" so me and niall got up and walked over to the washroom in the corner of the room i got undressed and so did niall, ichanged into some of his skinny jeans and red polo shirt, the funny part was he changed into my tiny leggings and big sweater. "you seem to be enjoying this love" niall laughed i just nodded, his accent was sooo amazing "how long do you have in toronto?" i asked "about a month this was our last show of the tour so we decided to stay here" "yay!!! you guys could stay at my house we have like 10 guest rooms!" "yah sure!" he said excitedly, when we were done we walked out and plopped back down on the floor. "My turn!!! Harry truth or dare?" i yelled

i was getting really excited "Dare!" harry yelled we were like twins we had the same personality but i dont like him anymore i think im in love with niall i know it to soon but still "yay!!! your not a pussy!!! aha i dare you to kiss anyone in the room for 15 seconds!"


Harry's POV

"... i dare you to kiss anyone in the room for 15 seconds!" i didnt even think twice i know this was for Maya. i turned around and stared into her eyes, leaned in and kissed her, her soft warm lips moved in sync with mine "okay guys that was like two minues!" molly laughed, we just kept going, "get a room!" zayn yelled "yeah!" liam laughed. When i finally pulled away it was my turn. "Li li! truth or dare?" he didnt have a girlfriend so i decided i would do the same thing "li li kiss anyone in the room for 15 seconds...


Liams POV

when the three girls walked in i couldnt take my eyes off the ginger one she had long ginger hair and brown eyes she was so layed back i liked it. "i dare you to kiss anyone in the room for 15 seconds" hazza yelled i looked over to the stunning molly and she looked back. i slowly leaned in sitting infront of her and kissed her she kissed back!!! she kissed me back!! "ok li thats enough" said an angry sounding niall i knew he liked her but i did too, i couldnt help it she was too stunning. i let go and se grinned and blushed. i just blushed too.


Mayas POV (short)

He kissed me! Harry styles kissed me!!!! i was freaking out he had smooth soft warm lips he was such a good kisser i couldnt calm down i was having a heart attack.


Molly's POV

Liam just kissed me i dont know what to think he was beautiful too. but i like niall, i couldnt calm down what am i supposed to do? "lou lou?" i asked "yea?" "can you come to get some water with me?" "yea sure love" we both got up and walked out the door i could tell the boys were staring at me, i felt it "louis i like niall" "i know he likes you too he told me while we were walking in" "really?" he just said niall liked me ahhhhh!! "and liams kiss is so, so amazing" "i know!" what? how did he know? "what?" i said giggling "haha nevermind, i suggest you go with your gut." louis advice was so good. he picked me up and i just hugged him, he was so kind and sweet i loved him (as a friend) "thanks lou" i said more calm now.

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