Truly, madly, deeply

Molly is an ordinary 14 year old girl who has a huge crush on one directions harry styles. Molly lives in Ontario Canada. When one direction go's on their world tour she has tickets to their concert what will happen to Molly's love life? Will she fall in love this summer?


2. Tickets

Molly's POV
I woke up this morning in my one direction poster filled room with the smell of bacon drifting through my room "Molly! Get up sweeting" yelled my mom for the kitchen. Today was my 14th birthday and she must have been making my special breakfast. I got up out of bed in my plaid short boxer shorts and giant one direction shirt, i put my hair up into a messy bun and made my way down stairs. Once i made it down i was greeted with a warm hug from my 9 year old brother josh and 19 year old brother Jake. When i finally got released by there hugs i got into the kitchen to my older sister Kelsey. Kelsey is 15 and is always annoyed with my obsession with one direction. I ran up to my mom and pulled her into a bear hug " happy birthday baby girl" my mom said "why thank you" i replied " get that shirt off" groaned Kelsey " i love you too kk" " don't call me that" " woah feisty girl" i said laughing " honey we got you a present for you birthday" my mom said excited changing the subject " you know how one direction is coming to Toronto?" " yes of course" i replayed jumping " well... We got you some backstage VIP passes to their concert this Saturday for you and zoe" " ahhhhhh thank you thank you thank you OMG!!! I've gotta go call zoe!!! BRB" i screamed. I quickly ran up the stairs to my room and called Zoe's number. By the way zoe is my best friend who is also in love with 1D. " hello?" Zoe answered " zozo its molly guess what????" "Happy birthday molly!!!! Anyways what?!??!?" " for my birthday my mom got me two VIP tickets to the one direction concert this Saturday and im going to bring you!!!!" " OMFG ahhhh thank you" zoe screamed " kk im gonna go eat food lol bye luv ya" as i hung up i started screaming and jumping while running down stairs.
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