Truly, madly, deeply

Molly is an ordinary 14 year old girl who has a huge crush on one directions harry styles. Molly lives in Ontario Canada. When one direction go's on their world tour she has tickets to their concert what will happen to Molly's love life? Will she fall in love this summer?


5. The night of the concert

Maya's POV :
I was so happy i saw molly the other night, she invited me to come and get ready with her for the concert. Im so excited to see Zoë its been forever, i hope she remembers me. Im kinda scared to see them again, they seem they have become best friends, i don't want to wreak anything.

"From:Molly :)
Come over now! Cant wait to see you! Zoe is so excited to see you!!xxx
Btw, i live on Hookwood ave. house 123"

I was so excited to see them! I texted her back right away

"To: Molly :)
Ok im coming now!! Be there in a few!! Xxx"

I hoped in my car with my outfit in the back seat (im in sweats btw, and molly will be doing my hair... This will be fun)

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