Truly, madly, deeply

Molly is an ordinary 14 year old girl who has a huge crush on one directions harry styles. Molly lives in Ontario Canada. When one direction go's on their world tour she has tickets to their concert what will happen to Molly's love life? Will she fall in love this summer?


7. The concert :)

Molly's POV:
We arrived at the concert at 7:30 we have 30mind till the concert starts! We run into the concert . " your seated first row 1g,1f, and 1e right in the centre, you girls are lucky!" We thanked the lady and ran in trying to find our seats. "Umm excuse me.." "Opps .. Sorry" we all kept saying trying t push through already crying crazy fans! We finally got into out seats.

Maya's POV:
"3...2...1 ONE DIRECTION!!!" And they all ran out! I thought right then and there i would start fangirling like molly and Zoë were, but weirdly i didn't, i looked around the room, and then they started to sing "little things" and i lost it. We sang every word, i had tears streaming out of my big brown eyes all down my face, not because of the boys because that song explains me completely, i was never the popular kid, not until me and molly become "rich" when our parents got "the dream job" you could say. "You ok maya" Zoë asked me, she didnt really know about my bullying she was more Molly's bestie than she is to me. I lied and just said "just fangirling duh!!" Faking a smile

Zoë POV:
I knew maya was lying because i always saw that fake smile from her, but i didn't want to nag her tonight, so i just left it at that and went back to watching the boys, Louis was my favourite, he was wearing, a white and red stripped shirt! He was gorgeous, even though i had a boyfriend a can fangirling because he has Eleanor so i won't have a chance with him.

*4 hours later*
Molly's POV:
The concert ended it went so fast it was amazing, but now the moment i was waiting for, meeting Harry Styles! I love the all but he my favourite,Niall at a close second. And since we were the only ones with VIP passes we get to say way long! We got taken into the back walling down all after hall until i saw..
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