Truly, madly, deeply

Molly is an ordinary 14 year old girl who has a huge crush on one directions harry styles. Molly lives in Ontario Canada. When one direction go's on their world tour she has tickets to their concert what will happen to Molly's love life? Will she fall in love this summer?


10. going home

Nialls POV

Did she like liams kiss?no thats my girl. i was so mad at liam he knew i liked her i told him! "come on guys its getting late we should go to my place now" molly said pulling me out of my thoughts, "yeah lets go" louis said grabbing mollys arm and pulling her out of the room. Everyone followed them out of the room. Molly and louis first, then haz and maya,liam and zayn and last me and zoe. Zoe was really sweet when louis and molly left to go get water she understood how i felt and she knew i liked Molly. Zoe was more matture and she was more like a little sister to me, i knew we would be good friends. As we walked out there were already tons of papparrazzi taking pictures "niall is that you girlfriend?" one asked pointing to zoe, i just shook my head and walked towards the limo we ordered to get to molly's house. After 10 minutes we made it to her house. wow this is huge i thought. her house was beautiful. so we stepped out of the limo and walked up to her front door still in the same pairs as before. we got to the door and Molly unlocked it. She told me that all of her mom was out at her own concert, her older brother was at a party, he sister was at a sleep over and her little brother was at her aunts house so we had the house to ourselves. Molly led us all to our rooms, we were all on the third floor and molly was on the forth with maya and zoe. liams room was light blue with a huge bed and a big tv and a bean bag chair. My room was next to liams it was light green and the same design as liams, zayns was next to mine and it was dark pink, everyroom had the same design just different color walls, harrys room was next to zayn and it was dark purple and louis was next to him in mollys younger brothers room which had light blue walls a big tv with tons of xbox games his room was at the end of the hall so when her brother came back he'd have to go upstairs, josh's room had a big rooney poster and a double bed with rooney sheets, he had a signed soccer ball and a socccer ball designed bean bag chair his room was really nice. he also had a couple of posters of us around his room, most of them were harry,zayn and liam. next molly brought us upstairs to her room, it was huge, she had lavender walls but you could barely see them because of all the one direction posters everywhere, most of them were either me or harry, she had all our dolls in allvthe different shapes and sizes "wow" was all i could say, she just giggled and showed us her older brothers room which was huge and plain he had a big poster of "kill 1D" "what?" i asked shocked "oh dont worry about that he just insn't quite fond  of you aha" she said, next she showed me to her sisters room that was pink and blue with posters of justin bieber. next her moms room and then louis other room which was the same as ours but orange.


Zayns POV

Molly was beautiful i know li and nialler both like her but i want her too i wasnt one to brag, but i always got the girl and when it came to this one i wanted her. She was perfect for me. i was really upset when she put me on the third floor below her and she put lou on the same floor as her, but as long as im in the same house im fine. i havent spoken to her yet and i havent told anyone i liked her but i kept staring at her snd she just kept looking away or at niall or lou.


Maya's POV

Molly kisses liam and i kissed harry!!! im freaking out! Molly didnt seem to like liam though, i think she liked Niall. when we showed the boys their rooms me, molly,zoe and louis went into molly's room. Louis got along with us really well he seemed to understand us, probally because he has 4 sisters. he and molly immediately became really good friends because they were both really loud, funny, cheeky and playful, they also were both really good at keeping secrets. "hey molly?" "yeah?" she replied "do you think harry will ever like me?" i asked "YES!!! he loves you he told me like a minute ago when we were going upstairs"said louis answering the question for molly "really?" i asked "yeah! he told me he's gonna ask you out... oops sorry i wasnt supposed to say that" louis said i started blushing and molly and zoe started laughing. so i took out my phone and looked on twitter. i had 200k followers when did this happen? i looked through my wall and found tons of hate and lots of nice comments there were alot of pictures of me and harry holding hands walking to the limo and some of us kissing in the room. how did people get a pic of that? i didnt mind the hate its not like i havent gotten it before when i used to hang out with justin. i didnt really read it and i knew i wouldnt get upset because they were just jealous. i noticed by molly's expressin that she got the same thing "how many followers do u have mol?" i asked "300k" "wow! i only have 10k" "theyb think me and lou lou are dating ahaha" she said lou started laughing and said "you with mo mo" hahaha everyone burst out laughing. "i better call eleanor, i dont want her to get the wrong idea" "ok!!!" we all sang in unison.





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